Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just in time for football season - its Terry Tate - Office Linebacker. Its what every office needs this time of year to get the staff motivated to do their best work


Looking for a specific movie or video clip? You know you saw it somewhere but can't quite remember the title or the web site where you found it?
Use Google to Find It


Web www.internetvideomag.com


This is funny and very well produced. - "10 Things Not to Say at the Airport". No terrorists were harmed during the making of this movie.


Pancakes - this short music video about making pancakes is great -

"I live in Scotland, these are British pancakes which are like Crépes, to clear up the confusion. Lemon and Sugar is very popular on pancakes here.


Check out the new funny flick from one of our favorite sites - 7M Pictures - It's only a minute long -

"Dumb Internet Joke: New York", which is the filmed version of a forwarded internet joke.


Emmy-Nominated website It's JerryTime announces its ninth episode and one of its most ambitious animations, "The Big Time," which explores Jerry's trials and tribulations as he tries to break into show business. It's not as angst ridden as previous episodes but still pretty darn fun.


Snakes on a Plane - parodies and take offs - you want it, you got it

Raccoons on a Space Shuttle
Snake on a Plane - Parody 1
Snakes on a Plane - Rap Dance
Snakes on a MP3 Rap
Pigs on a Bicycle
Cats On a Plane
Snakes on a Plane videogame
Snakes on a Plane auditions
Blanks on a Blank Web Site - collection of Snake parodies
Snakes on an Elevator
Snakes in a Drain

WatchMojo - Sam tries to book a flight


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