Sunday, November 30, 2008

Best New Internet Videos of the Week

Great New Internet Videos - You Got to See These


"You Don't Have To Be Christian..." A zany Multi-Ethnic salute to the wonderment of the Holiday Season. A hilarious One


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Ready to dance? SOMETHING GOOD
Dir: Eran Creevy
United Kingdom - 2008
Release your inner 80’s running man with this funky new video from Leeds-based dance band, Utah Saints.


Subservience - This is very cool and weird

In this apocalyptic vision of the future, the bourgeoisie and their passive servants act out an absurd and hideous ritual.


Does God really care what happens with Gay Marriage in California? - check out this report from Liv Films - Prop. 8: God Weighs in on Gay Marriage


Global Warming is hilarious and very well produced. Hosted at

Saturday Night Live's Kristin Wiig plays Kristine, a woman who wants more out of her men, but hasn't quite figured out exactly what. The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi is Aseem, a hopeless romantic and Kristine’s tech-support guy in India. He escapes the tyranny of his boss (The Office's Mindy Kaling) to take a leap with Kristine. But do either of them really know what they're about to land in?


The Matrix Runs on WindowsThe Matrix Runs on Windows Bill Gates, Microsoft and and The Matrix. Very well produced and perfect for the nerdie film watcher - this latest video from, the Matrix meets...the blue screen.


How are you doing on your relationships? Here are some great tips to make sure you stay together forever. Even though presented in a humorous way, these tips really work! Just ask my friend Marcha, Marcia, Marialla, ooh pooh

How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend


Created the team of the Emmy award-winning It's JerryTime!, this catchy
song and animation will keep your kids
occupied while you stuff the holiday bird.

More Thanksgiving Holiday and Turkey Videos

46361351The Skinny Ep.6 - "Desperately Seeking Originality"
They’re all around you: in coffee shops, looking over-caffeinated and pilfering free wi-fi; In bookstores, nestled in an oversized chair with a laptop and a harried expression. In fact, you can’t walk down the street in Los Angeles without bumping into an aspiring screenwriter. But do any of them actually have an original idea? In this week’s episode of The Skinny: Fat-Free News, our intrepid duo, Nadine Rajabi and Natasha Leggero, comb the streets of LA in search of writers who may have the next Casablanca rolling around in their heads. Get “The Skinny” every Thursday, when Nadine and Natasha offer their unconventional but hilarious points of view on stories pulled straight from the front lines of pop culture.

F@*k Bank (2:15)
With today's economy, you can't afford to say no. This is pretty outrageous and has some adult topics and words but it is nothing you wont see or hear at your local PG13 movie.
Credits: Written & Directed by Hal Rudnick; Shot by Tyler Gillett; Edited by Matt Johnson; Starring Heather Campbell & Susannah Becket; Featuring Hal Rudnick, James Ross, Cale Hartmann, Michael Busch & Peggy Chilton; Produced by Michael Busch.

Finger Gun (2:43)
Hand gestures are no laughing matter. What happens when your fingers are truly loaded? Credits: Written by Al Campbell and The Dawson Brothers. Starring Mark Talbot, Richard Wilson & FoD Team

Web Hosting Gone Wild PART 1If you are in the web hosting or Internet video streaming industry, you will love this video, Web Hosting Gone Wild PART 1 . And if you are not techie at all, you will still like it - but maybe not as much. Extremely well produced and shot, this short video tells the story of what happens when technology becomes a bit too personal and all consuming. Daddy's Little Girl.

10 things you have never seen in a web videocam dance video. This is pretty funny. Check out this soft porn actress as she disses the competition...

/files/video_thumb/1353153.jpgHow To Be Single (Around The World) After mining the dating scene for laughs as a writer for Sex and the City, Liz Tuccillo moved on to co-authoring the best-selling book, He's Just Not That Into You. When it came time to work on her next project, the novel How To Be Single, Liz traveled the world to find out what single life was like in other countries.

Also check out the links re single life in France, Iceland, Denmark, Australia, India, Brazil and even China. Who would have thunk?

Freddy Krueger: Registered Offender - Freddy moves into a new neighborhood and is required by law to let his neighbors know of his past offenses. Its funny especially if you are hip to the whole horror movie Freddie genre

Josh Covitt’s ‘Talk to Kids PSA’ Cracks up Crackle and Sony Pictures Television Execs

Talk To Kids PSAThis is hilarious, a tiny bit risqué and not politically correct. Josh Covitt’s short sketch comedy film, “Talk to Kids PSA”, was inspired by a real public service announcement he saw while watching the World Series, which encouraged abstinence-only sex education teachings. He decided to spoof the advertisement, creating his award-winning film. More

For Sore Eyes - by Anders WebergThis is really weird and is hard to describe but definatley worth watching. FOR SORE EYES by Anders Weberg - 2min17sec / For Sore Eyes is an exploration of the ambivalence of the male gaze and gendered (dis)order. It is a suggestive reflection of life in the pyrotechnic in sanatorium of consumerism freedom. But what is really freedom?

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