Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Amo La VidaAmo La Vida In this black-and-white interview, filmmaker Nic Askew interviews Julio Olalla. It is not an interview to sell anything or pitch anything. Its just Julio being Julio. He candidly speaks about an encounter with his father that changed his life, and what he learned: "Gratitude in so many ways is so dramatically missing in the world today. Without gratitude nothing is enough." It's the kind of short movie where you want to turn off the lights, and just soak in the spirit of an everyday hero
.Watch Video Now
E-Trade baby Loses Everything. This is a great parody commercial. Very well done....E-Trade Baby Loses Everything
Hardly Working: Baby Photo
Proud Dads Go Down
Hardly Working: Baby Photo
And now something a bit different ...Clockwork - SecondLife - The interface emerged in a embraced moment of dream Simulation, it was a reference to duo existence. The pointer was unexpected and lead me to engage in more in-depth inquires. And so, of course, my first stop was time itself and the machinime.
The Mechanics were pre-composed to add a new vision of the platform. A flood of provocative thinking, that I hope you enjoy. Massive use of effects to impact the viewer. - Production Manager spyVspy Aeon
STOP TALKINGWhat would you do if a stranger at a party handed you a card which just said STOP TALKING? This YouTube prankster went to a party full of business CEOs and execs to find out.
What if you could get all the hipsters to stop networking at E3?
Nurse Jackée  from Jackée Harry, Jerry Minor, lauren, manasewitsch, Brian Lane, Kat Bardot, Funny Or Die, and Valarie PettifordComing soon to TV is a brand new show about a nurse struggling to be as fabulous as she can without getting caught.
Do you watch Nurse Jackie on Showtime?If so, you will love this hilarious parody starring Jackee Harry -Nurse

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