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Generation We - The Movement Begins Generation WE: The Movement Begins... "We, the youth of the United States, believe our birthright has been betrayed," declares the Millennial Generation, the largest generation in American history, to date. They inherit a country in decline and a broken political system. Still, America's young people declares a manifesto of hope - to restore the American dream.
Panda Kitty from That Happened! Panda Kat - Cat Video of the Week - Your favorite new hybrid animal is the panda cat, you will hug it forever
Killer Student Loans: A Horror Story This is brilliant. Have you ever felt like your student loans were killing you?
Well for Emily, her loans really are a matter of life or death. Killer Student Loans: A Horror Story from The Kids Table, Marvin Lemus, EmilyKrakowsky, Miles Gray, igorhiller, marleyrae, Schneider89, and Terra
Killer Student Loans: A Horror Story from The Kids Table, Marvin Lemus, EmilyKrakowsky, Miles Gray, igorhiller, marleyrae,
Schneider89, and Terra
The Keeper - Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival

According to local elders, it is better to stay away from the old manor: the treacherous guardian does not want anyone inside, especially children...This short film was sent to us by the co-writer/director Marco Di Gerlando, who shared the writing/directing duties with Ludovica Gibelli. Their website explains that they made the film at The Little Shop of Fantasy (the site is in Italian, for those that click the link), a group that caters to bringing the arts to children, who often miss a real education in the quickly growing arts of music production and performance, film making, and painting. In association with Zuccher Art, The Keeper was produced with what seems was an entirely child crew, with the exception of the main actor, and maybe a camera operator.
Fantastic Funfi - KarmaTube - Louie Schwartzberg Fantastic Fungi - Mushrooms and Fungi can Save the World. Can you hear the mushrooms talk? Nature is a force of good. And good is not only a concept, it is a spirit. So says mycologist Paul Stamets. Along with mushrooms, all life has a language and an intelligence that we ignore at our peril. This film excerpt explores the crucial need to understand the interaction and communications of all of life's organisms and processes that may be the key to our survival.
I'm Not awake - Katy Perry Parody This might be the best Katy Perry parody video ever ( except of course for her own music videos, snark, snark, snark).
Check it out. I'm Not Awake is extremely well produced, funny and even includes the parody words embedded in the video for those who can't make out the funny lyrics the first time around!
Watch it! Dance and laugh!
I'm Not Awake - Katy Perry parody video
There may only be one woman voting for Mitt Romney, but don't worry,
she's just like you. If you're crazy.
LOVE...ON...THE...LINE... Trailer This is funny.. and cute.. and a bit desperate.
Introducing, Holly Landers, a just a girl willing to go to any length to find "THE ONE".
Written, Created, Produced and Starring - FIONA BATES

this is either funny or really obnoxious. Your call..

Two pranksters talk baby talk to confused strangers on a California beach.

Talking Baby Talk on the Beach (with Jack Vale)

Jack & I talkin' baby talk to girls & guys on the beach!
There has never been a school for girls in the village of Deh Subz, Afghanistan. Afghan-American Razia Jan set out to change that. In 2009, despite pressure to educate boys and threats to ruin the school, the Zabuli Education Center opened a school to educate 200 girls. Razia's hope is to make life a little easier, even for a few hours a day, for the girls who have to work so hard at such a young age. "Once you learn something, nobody can take that away from you."
Watch Video Now
Watch the new music video from Linkin Park - Check out the new music video from Linkin Park -

Linkin Park - CASTLE OF GLASS (featured in Medal of Honor Warfighter)

"CASTLE OF GLASS" featured in the upcoming EA game Medal of Honor Warfighter.
The game is Inspired by actual events across the globe and written by Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas, follow the global Warfighters as they are asked to take on a real terror threat, PETN.

Big Bird - Obama for America TV Ad

Watch this political video before it gets taken down.
According to Mitt Romney, it's not Wall Street you have to worry about, it's Sesame Street.
Bar Refaeli's Sex Tape Kickstarter - This is hilarious and well made. I contributed a part of my children's college fund as I think it will be a good investment in my personal sexual future. Checkout the KickStarter page
Bar Refaeli announces her new Kickstarter campaign to watch and possibly even be in her sex tape, that is if she can get enough backers who might be interested in that sort of thing.
Bar Refaeli's Sex Tape Kickstarter

F$@k a Therapist - this is funny, especially if you have problems in your head.

Meetinghouse Productions, the folks who produce “World’s Dumbest,” a hit show on truTV.   The video is not only really funny but it has a great back story, and it illustrates yet again that Twitter can be a great way to discover comedic talent.
 The President of Meetinghouse, Jason Cilo, works with a big range of comedians and is always looking for fresh voices. He started following a twisted and dark – and clever – Twitter feed about one man’s journey with psychotherapy, “Fuck a Therapist,” and figured that the neurotic Tweets had to be written by a top comic hiding behind anonymity.   Jason tracked the writer down and found, to his surprise, that that he was an undiscovered talent named Seven Davis, Jr.
Now, watch the video...
F$@k a Therapist - this is funny, especially if you have problems in your head.
Watch these two great political videos from ComedyCentral - Are you ready for mud slinging, lies and political porn?
PickUp Line Roulette PickUp Line Roulette - What pick up lines have you used that actually worked? This is a pretty cool video where gals and guys actually go out and try to pick up someone using using a cliche pick up line. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't Which lines do you think had the most success?
Do you want to come to my house and we can watch videos at Internet Video Magazine together? Nah, that wasn't one of them...
We always thought Christina Aguilera had a killer body in addition to a killer voice. Now watch her new Killer style video - Your BodyDon't worry - no men were hurt in the making of this film - you will get the joke after you see the video. Christina Aquilera Your Body video
Your Girlfriend's Six Friends Your Girlfriend's Six Friends If you have ever had a girlfriend or been in a relationship, you will love this video. Very well written, direct and produced. No laughing aloud while you are at work.
This is hilarious.
The best buds you ever had no choice but to have.
The Morning After - too much everything?

Some things just aren't meant to be seen in the light of day. Have you ever had one of those morning afters?
The Morning After


The Internet is famous for many things, but none more so than adorable pet videos. You could waste hours trying to find the cutest and funniest ones, or you could check out Kim Komando's picks in this video!
Do you need a good Mitt Romney impersonator for your next party or get together? Check out my friend Jim - not only does he do a dead on impersonation - his material is really funny. (Assuming you are not an Obama supporter...). So in the theme of giving the other side an occasional voice at Internet Video Magazine, check out Mitt. Ping us if you want to contact Jim... im Bachelor as Mitt Romney
Lies - Once A Week Film Fest winner Lies - Two brothers are telling each other what crazy thing happened to each of them, while doing so they distort the truth because of their willingness to escape the shame of what truly has happened to them both.

This film was made December 2011 at Columbia College Chicago in "Physics for Filmmakers" course. The assignment was to create a film that has something to do with physics. Due to the fact that it was my first year at a film school and I wanted badly to create a real short film, we made : the entertaining and funny short film LIES, that criticizes our society on how every body wants to be a hero and creates a hype about normal things that could happen to everybody, by calling them " embarrassing.

Napoleon Wynomite has teamed with his brother Kip to open a winery. Just how do they plan to market their Super Paso blend?! Submitted by Joel Peterson. (2min:55sec)
This is one of the 9 Finalists in the 2012 Wine Spectator video contest. Watch all of them
art id
"Shit Girlfriends Say" - Guys, you will love this. Shit your annoying girlfriend says.

Starring @KelseyDarragh - Director/DP/Editor @Addison_Neville
AD @GlimpseOfDreams - Producer @LaceyKeaneNY
Lighting/Sound @TwoCentsAgain

Even better is all the related videos that have been posted at YouTube - all based on the original
ShitGirlsSay by Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard Also - Shit Guys Don't Say Out Loud
Dangeorus World - stop voter ID laws Dangerous World - Stop Voter Disenfranchisement Are you as furious as we are about the efforts to roll back the clock and take away people’s right to vote? It has us mad, but sometimes satire and humor is the best way to reach people.  So take a look, have a laugh, and then use video to spread the word.

Voter disenfranchisement is a very real issue that could affect more than 20 million voters this year. We have partnered with our friends at NAACP to create a video that will help people understand how absurd the claims of those who want to limit voting rights are. 
Take a look at “A Dangerous World” and pass it on to your friends to stop the limiting of citizens’ rights.
Clint Eastwood Talking to a Chair - the song and the music video
"Go ahead punk, take a seat"
Clint Eastwood talking to a chair song
You don't need a big production crew - or sometimes any crew at all to make a short and entertaining video. Check out this hilarious karate Instruction video from Terry Dwight Coleman - Colorado Karate Master.
Fifty Shades of Grey - the "unofficial" trailer. Who is going to play the leads in this sure to be a hit movie for the housewife porn aficionado.
An un-official, and un-authorized - perception of the novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. Starring Ian Somerhalder and Alexis Bledel. Soundtrack by Nickelback - Lullaby
Nothing like a little B&D to spice up the imagination....
Fifty Shades of Grey - the "unofficial" trailer.

The Republican Party Platform: Behind The Scenes

Have you ever wondered how the Republican party and its delegates develop the platform that its candidates run on? Check out this highlights video culled from hours of activity at the recent 2012 Republican Convention in Tampa Florida.
This would be really funny if it wasn't so scary.
The grassroots of the Republican Party debate the big issues of the day.
Obama-Romney Rap Battle

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama decide to settle things with an old fashioned rap battle.
Obama-Romney Rap Battle from James Davis, mattknudsen, Christopher Farah, Funny Or Die, BoTown Sound, and Kat Bardot
Todd Akin's Apology from Creed Bratton, Charles Ingram, Funny Or Die,
Brian Lane, and Ally Hord Todd Akin's Apology

Republican Representative Todd Akin of Missouri finally apologizes to women for his comments on 'legitimate rape'.
This is very well done.
Cute animal video of the week Surfing Bulldog - this is nicely made.
Note - dog is wearing life jacket. Just in case....
"I Was Here," a song from Beyonce's 2011 album "4," at the United Nations, served as the inspiration and name for the World Humanitarian Day campaign, which encourages people to make their mark in the world by doing something to help another person. That video takes the No. 1 spot on the chart this week with 3.6 million views. Beyonce - "I was here" UN video
Bob Sloan's Margarita Mix Party
Are you ready to make a margarita?
 big holiday is coming up and are you ready to party? Check out the video of Bob's Margarita Recipe & Tutorial
OK, these are some friends of mine and I figured if I posted their video they will invite me to their party... Let's see if it works....

Watch it at Vimeo -
Dora The Explorer Movie Trailer - featuring Ariel WinterThe "Modern Family" star breaks skulls and language barriers.
She's tough, she kicks butt - its Dora the Explorer
Dora The Explorer movie trialer - Ariel Winter
Republican Strip Club - RNC in Tampa Will the Republicans be able to get down? What will they be getting up to?
Are there enough dollar bills to go around?
"Self" is an official selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival -

A journey of obsession and metamorphosis. An artist searches for his own self-image through portrait. 'Self' is the second film from [sic], a UK based arts collective.

The film was conceived, shot and edited in one month. With all participants dedicating time on evenings and weekends towards its completion. The film was shot using Canon DSLR cameras - for the steady motion shots, they used a 2.5m jib arm.
Wing It Parenthood with Connie Britton from Connie Britton, lauren, Funny Or Die, jennschatz, Emily Maya Mills, Drew Brooks, Melissa Szilagyi,
Jean Villepique, Alex Richanbach, and BoTown Sound  Wing It Parenthood with Connie Britton

What happens if the Tea Party & Republicans take over and they get to remove funding for all the important social programs?Check out Wing It Parenthood -  It's just like Planned Parenthood, but without the planning. They wing it....
Touching Ourselves - check out this video which uses humor and a little shock value to help fight cancer and teach a lesson about self diagnosis.
Touching Ourselves  from Lisa Ling, Amir Arison, Trish Suhr, Erin Gibson, Lauryn Kahn, Funny Or Die, melcowan, Dave Theune, iamleonard, and Pete
Zias Touching Ourselves

Fuck Cancer lets us know that Touching Ourselves isn't only fun, but important. Featuring Lisa Ling.
Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard's Intimacy Coach from Hit & Run, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, and Tom Arnold
 Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard's Intimacy Coach - Sometimes you need a little help making love....
Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell hire Tom Arnold as an intimacy coach to add some heat to their on-screen sex scenes.
The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards is now accepting submissions from content creators of all types—from independents to studios and networks—in all categories. Click on that button below for eligibility requirements and a complete list of our categories. The race to the Streamys begins now!
Check out last year's winners - 2010 Streamy Award Nominees and Winners. There are some great internet videos here
Olympic Ticket Scalper with Sir Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg & Maisie Williams from Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg, Maisie
Williams, NickCorirossi, Charles Ingram, Betsy Koch, Funny Or Die, and Brian Lane mpic Ticket Scalper
This is great! 

The Olympic Ticket Scalper with Sir Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg & Maisie Williams

Sir Patrick Stewart stars as the Godfather of scalping tickets for the grandest event of them all....The 2012 London Olympics.
Written & directed by Nick Coriorossi
Final Armageddon Dot Com Are you obsessed with the end of the world? Do you know a survivalist? What if global warming is a lot worse than predicted and the world is going to flood? Check out this very well made - with exceptional set design - short video about the end of the world. It is a bit funny - in a British sort of way.
Written and Directed by Rob Spence

Featuring: Drew Horsley, Tamsin Fessey, Isabel Sorby, Finn Armstrong and (baby) Roma Burridge.
Final Armageddon Dot Com
Curiosity's Descent What is it like to land on Mars? Watch the preliminary raw video of the descent. The Curiosity Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) captured the rover's descent to the surface of the Red Planet. The instrument shot 4 fps video from heat shield separation to the ground. 297 still frames stitched together. The high res images are still to come! There are a bunch of NASA videos at this location.
Republicans, Get in my Vagina! This is hilarious and extremely well written. There are some great lines! How about the right to not make a choice?
Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage "spread" the message that the one thing women really want in their vagina is the government
republicans, get in my vagina
The Jeggings Gang Gets Pre-Torn Jeans
How fashionable are you? Are you still into jeggings, pre-ripped jeans and clothes that look like shit? Check out this video!
 The Jeggings Gang Gets Pre-Torn Jeans -
They’ve got that casual “don’t care, don’t live in a house” look.
Fashion can be painful if not disgusting
Gay Rights versus Chickens? Our old pal, Colonel Sanders is back with a message for Chick-Fil-A and chicken lovers that is totally honest and not at all panderous.
Fried Chicken for Gays....Watch KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman - hey, they are open on Sunday!
KFC loves gays - video with John GoodmanGays with John Goodman
"The Story of Change" - It's not easy to change a dysfunctional system that puts corporate profits above the health and happiness of people. It takes more than just "voting with our pocketbooks"; it takes political involvement. In her latest film, Annie Leonard gives us a simple formula for social transformation: CHANGE = a big idea + collective identity + action.
What is a viral video? Checkout "The Worlds of Viral Video" from PBS"Viral Video" is the signature phenomenon of internet media. Something akin to pop songs, these videos with irresistible hooks have saturated video culture online and have now evolved into a multitude of sophisticated forms. Whether rooted in comedy, spectacle, schadenfreude, cuteness, politics, performance, or deep meaning, the idea of viral videos, and the huge audiences they generate, have forever changed the values and potential impact of video online.
Checkout "A Glorious Dawn" music video featuring a singing Carl Sagan with Stephen Hawking. In order to create an apple pie, you first have to invent the universe. And so it goes.
It is all about our reality
Carl Sagan and his cosmologist companion Stephen Hawking present: A Glorious Dawn - Cosmos remixed. Almost all samples and footage taken from Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Stephen Hawking's Universe series.
How we can use video to help make this a peaceful world

"We Love You" -   One person can make a difference.
 A simple message of love in the midst of potential war goes viral, and makes a difference. This is a moving, inspiring call to action, one in which anyone can emulate with very little courage but with a lot of love. This is truly people to people communication
"Aras Tale" - Check out this CG animated short by Martin Lubich - "Aras Tale".
An entrancing story, outstanding production and wonderful music. It is all about dragons. It is worth 8 minutes of your time.  Martin, the video's creator says "This movie was created in my spare time over the course of 3 years. It was produced in the spirit of an Open Movie, which means that all production files will be made available."
For technical details about how he created this production, all about the software and how the music was made, check out his site at
Is it true that every 3D Movie is the Same? According to Funnyordie, every 3D movie you see this summer will look like all the others! You pay $20 a ticket or more to get stuff thrown at you!
Watch this funny video!
What ever happened to smellovision?
Make your own 3D Movie
Every 3D Movie is the Same from PatB and Funny Or Die Evry 3D Movie is the Same
Trust - An Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival This is quite cute. How do you flirt???

We flirt with our bodies and faces. TRUST creates a playful variation of the classical initial contact of heterosexual Europeans. A creative man courts a woman with long hair. Would you do the same in this situation?
What would you do to get votes?

An Indecent Proposal from Sarah Silverman (explicit)

What did Sarah offer to do to billionaire Sheldon Adelson for $100 million dollars? The 100 million dollar lap dance?
Indecent Proposal from Sarah Silverman
Arthur Banks AMC online web series

Checkout the "The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks" - a webby nominated original short web video series. You can't watch it on TV - just online. Well made, poignant and funny.

Episode 1 The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks: I Pulled A Polanski

Season 1, Episode 1

After mistakenly sleeping with a 17-year old girl, Arthur struggles to keep the affair hidden from his girlfriend. He is also in production on his most ambitious play.
Starring Adam Goldberg and featuring Jeffrey Tambor
This is really funny. Dedicated to you country music fans.. Lou-Anne Judd Underbrooks (The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch) takes the wheel from Jesus in her unplugged country music video
Patronizin' You
The Southern Belle is an Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival

Synopsis - When Josh begins to divulge his grievances to his taxi driver the two quickly discover that they share a dark and destructive bond that will change their lives in an instant.

Credits: Bora Bora Films Presents Theodore Bouloukos & Ethan Sharrett

Written by Martin Cox
Produced by Emily Iason
Director of Photography Michael Ormiston
Music by Great Oz Digital
Directed by Patrick Biesemans
Embrace Life - Rarely does a short video have such a powerful impact. Watch this.   This public service announcement from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership became an international phenomenon after it was distributed on the internet, through social networking sites and YouTube, gaining over a million views in its first two weeks. The film's incredible reach -- it is now one of the top ten YouTube videos of all time -- stems from innovative story telling and an emotional approach to the message: wear your seat belt; a message focused on family, love, and all you have in life to embrace.

Watch Video Now
couple watches porn Hip couple decides what porn they want to watch together. They are very discerning experts. "Relationships are all about compromise, honesty and access to PornHub."
This is pretty good - with some great porn titles tossed about
Is Tony Clifton back from the Dead? Check out Tony getting down with Skrillex Tony Clifton Gets Down To Skrillex At The Hangout Music Festival 2012 from Tony Clifton on Vimeo.
Food People Power Watch Video Now   

Food People Power

For many years, people living in West Oakland had accepted eating unhealthy food as a way of life. That is, until a small group of people decided to change their community through Mandela MarketPlace, a non-profit that partners with local residents and rural, minority farmers to bring fresh agricultural produce to their local corner stores.
Mandela MarketPlace now represents the difference that youth can make by challenging prevailing paradigms - you CAN select what you put in your body.
Sister Trade In - Here is a new episode of "Free Advice: The Series", a collection of fictional shorts inspired by Paul and Emmett Loverde's experiences hosting the Free Advice table on Santa Monica Beach since 2010. In this episode "Sister Trade-In" young Steve wants to know his options for replacing his little sister Cindy with a better one. It's not a reality show! But it's kind of based on reality. Free Advice - The Series: "Sister Trade-In"
Guys, how often do you think about sex?Every seven seconds or so? Check out this funny video that tries to explain the difference between men and women...
Every 7 Seconds
funny video: sex,every 7 seconds


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