Sunday, April 20, 2014

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04/19/14 4:01 pm

Funny video - Creationist Cosmos

Jared, community outreach leader from the Creationist Baptist Church of Alabama, leads you on a spiritual scientific journey through Creationist Cosmos.
04/19/14 12:53 pm

Best of Karma Tube - Unsung Hero

“Unsung Hero” depicts a story of a man who helps people, animals, plants and the world simply because it makes him feel better when he gives to others. "He witnesses happiness. Reaches a deeper understanding. Feels the love. Receives what money can't buy. A world made more beautiful
04/19/14 12:40 pm

Funny and wonderful

Check out classical quartet Salut Salon as they perform their signature comedic “instrumental acrobatics” in the hilarious and impressive performance entitled “Wettstreit zu viert.”
04/18/14 8:30 pm

New Pot Channel is coming to Internet Video

You can now watch the latest pot news on internet video - medical marijuana lifestyle issues and business opportunites
03/23/14 1:42 pm

Watch "Gary's in the Park" by Gary Wilson

Check out this upbeat ditty from the wonderfully strange and often quite strange Gary Wilson.
03/22/14 1:15 pm

Check out "Dream" from the band Hello Phones

The Dream music video was shot at legendary Rockaway Beach and Jamaica Bay, in between a series of winter storms that hit the east coast this past winter. The track is different from much of Hello Phones electro wave sound, more skeletal, raw, from the heavier side of town.
03/22/14 12:49 pm

Watch "The Six Girls You Will date in College"

This is very well made and extremely funny. And quite sexy in a voyeuristic way.
03/22/14 9:42 am

Watch this video - PhotoShop Has Gone Too far

Photoshop Has Gone Too Far is play on all of those videos you've seen that reveal how the image-altering software in the hands of savvy editors at fashion magazines and brands has ruined our perception of beauty and self by portraying unrealistic physical ideals in popular culture. From CollegeHumor web site.
03/15/14 12:18 pm

You like Robots? Watch Doodad + Widget

Check out this great little short video. Wonderful animation and great robots
03/10/14 8:30 pm

Club World - Music Video

Dance to Alex Cima's "Club World" - 100 bpm dance track with heavily rotoscoped aliens, astronaut, and dancers.
02/19/14 2:15 pm

Watch "It Doesn't get Better"

Were you the coolest guy in high school? Where you the queen bee? Did you enjoy putting down those that were not as cool and hip as you thought you were? Check out It Doesn't get Better" by Jason Headly
02/11/14 1:17 pm

Great tech video - fish that can drive

Watch this fish drive his own tank around. Great article from ECN. Watch the video
01/01/14 8:46 pm

Watch out for Redheads

Why you shouldn't mess with Redheads.
01/01/14 2:32 pm

Nine Great Internet Videos to Welcome in the New Year

How is your 2014 So Far? Check out these nine great web videos from YouTube. Screw those new years resolutions. Have fun and eat too much
12/29/13 4:36 pm

A Very Satan Christmas

Even the Simmons family gets into the holiday spirit when Satan celebrates Christmas. Merrrrrrry Pissmass!
12/12/13 4:02 pm

YouTube rewind - Best Videos of 2013

To celebrate 2013, YouTube invited some YouTubers to star in a mashup of popular moments this year. Can you spot all the references?
12/12/13 3:30 pm

Vivid Dream -

Watch Vivid Dream - Once a Week Film Festival Audience Award Winner
12/10/13 2:22 pm

PediaMeat - MeatSmoothie for Vegans

If you've ever had to struggle with dirty, liberal vegetarian or vegan children, then PediaMEAT is sure to help solve the problem.
11/30/13 12:07 pm

The newest JFK Assassination Theory

The Bent Bullet Theory - How was the bullet's trajectory bent at the last second to enable it to strike JFK?
11/28/13 12:55 pm

Sofles - Limitless Video

Electronica music meets performance meets graffiti art - You go tot watch this. Extremely well produced video
11/27/13 7:32 pm

Watch this - The Thanksgivukkah Movie Trailer

This year - Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are on the same day. its crazeeee - featuring Nick Kroll, Fred Willard, Penny Marshall, Fred Melamed, Kumail Nanjiani, Andrée Vermeulen & Ann M. Lansing
11/26/13 9:09 pm

Why are the Beastie Boys so upset with this video for little girls

GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg, & Beastie Boys "Princess Machine" (a concert for little girls) - Checkout the GoldieBlox commercial that steals the Beastie Boys tune and uses it promote girls and engineering
11/26/13 7:50 pm

Cool new video - LA Visions -

"L.A. Visions" (3:30) is now up on Vimeo. Be sure to watch in HD and through a good sound system or headphones.
11/25/13 8:25 pm

Dead Pop Stars Society - XXXtra Juicy music video

Dead Pop Stars Society are releasing their self titled soundtrack to the apocalypse. A hyper-sample-based mosaic of immortal pop nuggets, bass heavy electro beats, and funky psychedelic obscurities; Dead Pop Stars Society is an adrenaline-fueled, electro-psychedelic sonic slice of pop surrealism.
11/25/13 2:35 pm

You can get high on Turkey

Take a psychedelic trip - Watch the Tryptophan Slow Jam - animated music video
11/22/13 9:47 pm

Toddler DJ - The Mast Music Video - "So Right"

Very cute video featuring a baby who escapes and becomes a DJ. Nice electronica music as well
11/22/13 3:53 pm

Unruly Reveals The Top 20 Most Shared Ads Of 2013

What video commercials were the most shared on the web this last year? Dove, GEICO, Pepsi and Kmart take home the eyeballs
11/20/13 9:49 pm

Holyfield Gets His Ear Back from Mike Tyson

Great funny Foot Locker Commercial featuring Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman.
11/19/13 1:56 pm

new interactive music video for Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan released a new interactive video for Like a Rolling Stone. Built using Interlude's interactive video technology, this new video is a first for the song, which has never before had a music video made for it. The interactive video lets users ³channel surf² 16 popular TV programs featuring well known TV personalities, such as ³The Price is Right² host Drew Carey and ³Property Brothers,² Jonathan and Drew Scott, who are lip synching to the classic song. The seamless, interactive nature of the video means no two people will engage with the video in the same way.
11/16/13 2:34 pm

The Bear and the Hare - Holiday video

Set in a beautiful forest, poor Bear is the only animal that never gets to celebrate Christmas because he has to hibernate every year. However, this year is different. This year Hare has a brilliant idea.
11/16/13 12:35 pm

PRADA presents "CASTELLO CAVALCANTI" by Wes Anderson

Staring Jason Schwartzman and Giada Colgrande, this Wes Anderson is whimsical and entertaining with lots of STYLE and great set decoration and design
11/02/13 1:34 pm

Worried about spending too much money? Get a wallet that walks away

Check out this Living Wallet video spotlighted by Electronic Products Magazine -
10/29/13 7:57 pm

10 Scary Movies starring Apple's Siri

This is really clever
10/29/13 12:18 pm

Watch great Halloween Videos

Checkout Dailymotion's selection of great Halloween Videos
10/29/13 12:06 pm

Great music video from Yeasayer - combining science and music

Yeasayer - Glass of the Microscope (Official Video) - this is really cool - especially if you are a science nerd
10/24/13 2:50 pm

Arcade Fire - Reflektor - art technology project and music video

This is really cool - a virtual projection by Vincent Morisset
10/24/13 2:33 pm

Arcade Fire - Afterlife

Check out this new music video from Arcade Fire. Afterlife

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