Friday, October 13, 2006

Can 10 million You-Tubian's be wrong? Check out "Hey Clip" Yes, its cute, its sort of funny but maybe you can figure out why this video clip in one of the op five most viewed Internet clips of all time? OK, it is fresh and the girls are cute. And its edited....


The Anger Eater - have you ever had one of those days - where all you wanted to do is come home, yell and rant and rage? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who could take that abuse and just keep smiling?

This is a great concept and a fun video to watch. It's a mashup - where you take various sources and hook them up together to create an entirely new and unique piece of entertainment. Mix a popular modern song with a classic Marx Brothers flick and you get Get Retarded/Day at the Races Mashup


Strange - you want strange? Fine, check out this mash-up video - with clips, stills and other stuff taken from a cornucopia of sources. This would be great to play on video monitors in the background of your Halloween party. Halloween 2006

This is a cute little kid's video about Halloween. Its a very interesting animation just right for the Halloween season
Jonathan Dawson's Halloween Tale

This is really strange. We were cruising the net looking for scary Halloween flicks and came across this. Weirded us right out. Little SuperStar


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Race Speedster
Check out this twisted tribute to the classic series Speed Racer. Race Speedster is just like the original, only not a cartoon, and with an abusive, germaphoic father character and a wacky crystal meth storyline. Ok, so it’s not like the original at all… it’s way better!


Lets Talk about Sex - this funny five minute flick at is all about a dinner conversation in which a young couple discover things about themselves and each other that they had never before thought of. Written and directed by Ryan Moser, the film was shot entirely guerrilla style in a running restaurant. The actors wore lavalier mics and the footage was exposed with practical lights

Would you like to have a body like Jesus? You never see a fat Christ. He always looks so toned, slim and trim. Check out this short flick from AtomFilms and see how you can be in the best shape of your life
Watch Cruciflex. Not for true believers...


This is very goofy and not the type of "realtime" video that we would ordinarily feature - but - it is interesting and has spawned a number of parodies and imitators. BreakUp by Bowiegirl


If you are into Second Life - you will probably really dig this - if not, it is still pretty cool. Trash Talk: Second Life S&M Vacation - Ill Will found his dream girl on his virtual vacation, but he’s about to learn that what happens in Second Life, should stay in Second Life.


Do you watch MTV hoping maybe to see a music video or two but instead get sucked into the maelstrom of pseudo realty shows? Are you a fan of the MTV Show "Room Raiders"? Check out this funny little MTV parody flick


Do you know what web 2.0 is? Are you ready to interact with technology and the web and become part of the new Net community. Check out TechCrunch's Michael Arrington as he explains Web 2.0

This Metallica Video is the top rated video at This is the unrated version of the music video for the song "Turn the Page"


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