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Best and Funnist Videos on the Wweb

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Have your Jewish friends invited you over for Passover and you are not sure what to say or do?

How NOT to Attend a Passover Seder

Make sure you don’t commit any cultural faux pas with this light hearted Passover how to guide!


The Best of the Best - Movies for Video Makers

Best Videos of the Week

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Passover Videos - Jews and Passover can be funny

Easter Videos = Bad Bunnies and Easter Parodies


Octo-Mom Song (Parody of "Low") from VenetianPrincess This is a great little parody of the famous mother of 14 whose recent birth of octuplets have caused a huge media stir. Generic parody music composed and performed by Steve Goldstein. Lyrics written by, video edited, and all characters performed by VenetianPrincess.

Point BlankAre the new Video Games Violent Enough for You? Check out the latest video game review from The Onion.

Hot New Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People Point-Blank In The Face


Keeping with the whole Passover Theme -

This is a very funny little music video!

20 Things To Do With Matzah


Are you trying to lose weight and get in shape? Watch this hilarious video

video thumbnailDelores DiGagorio - How Not to be a Fat Ass

So you want a smoking Jersey Girl body like Delores? Take some notes, or like, at least try to not be stupid after you watch this. Starring Ilana Cohn and Kristina Hayes. Directed and edited by Liam Sullivan.

This is WONDERFUL! Got an old VCR laying around? You'll never believe the amazing things you can get by hacking it! VCR Hack Video


"Fused" by thefyzz - a Romance - London 2008

"Fused" is a light comedy about a charming bloke who is set up on a poorly-matched blind date at a dinner party...but all the while he's falling for the girl downstairs.


This is wonderful - check this new video from "The Onion" Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work - Extremely well made and VERY funny.


Affirmation Girl: Fantasy Pool Date

We love Lisa Nova Check out her recent video Affirmation Girl: Fantasy Pool Date Affirmation Girl goes on a pool date?

This Video was shot on the new Sanyo Xacti HD.

"Transfert" is about an airline pilot who has a supernatural experience and then doesn't quite seem himself. In French with English subtitles.

Must-Stache - Follow struggling street artist Glenn Sinclair through the world of art.

Cool Hand Luke (Dirty Version)" alt="" src="http://s3.amazonaws.com/www.goodmagazine.com/thumbnails/medium-1237622354-luke-wwd-thumb3.jpg" align="left" vspace="3" width="135" hspace="3">

Activism and saving the Planet can be very sexy!

Cool Hand Luke (Dirty Version) www.good.is/ GOOD re-imagines iconic moments from American culture that wouldn't have been the same without clean water

GOOD Magazine : Psycho Shower Scene (Dirty Version)

Frank Miller's "Goofus and Gallant" from FOD TeamFrank Miller's "Goofus and Gallant"

America's most famous graphic novel gets adapted into a movie. It's the Highlights Magazine classic in the style of Watchmen and Sin City. This is hilarious...

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