Sunday, May 31, 2009

Best New Internet Videos - Best Funny Internet Videos

Best Internet Videos - Best Funny Internet Videos

Are you ready to laugh, are you ready to be titillated? Are you ready to appreciate the best new Internet Videos and The Funniest Internet Videos?

These are are our selections for this week....

Guys - How to SCORE Big with Your Sweetie - with Sexy Bubble Baths - Get Romantic!

Relax your sweetie with a SEXY BUBBLE BATH guaranteed to SCORE BIG POINTS and make the two of you happier campers for the night & following day. Learn some techniques on how to pamper your lover while getting her all revved up! (My honey is going to luv this!). Clean the tub first - aha, that's the secret!



Winner of the Audience Award for Best Short Film 2009 at Sci-Fi London. THE DAY THE ROBOTS WOKE UP - An animated short by Ed Hartwell


"Robot Love from Another World" by Pizza Infinity - From Three visitors from another world are stranded on Earth without their ship and without their robot. But at the last moment, a chance encounter leads them to possible salvation in this homage to 1950's Science Fiction B movies...


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Four Stories After A Wild Night Out

This is very well done. Have you ever had one of of those nights when you wake up in the morning and look around and go - "oh my gaad!"


Paper Towels (1:30)

Who needs Sham Wow when you have paper towels? This is really simple and very good. Nothing like a great concept perfectly executed


The Best of the Best - Movies for Video Makers

Best Music Videos on the Internet

Best Video Web Sites


We love fake viral videos! Really we do.

Bite Marks - Check out this "webcam" video. Sexy young girls in skimpy outfits talking about their vampire lovers. It's hot and very well done - but it is really a promo for HBO's True Blood show.


This is brilliant. A wonderful employee management video from HowCast. Funny, educational and insightful. Make your boss watch this! And if you are a boss, take notes.

What’s the fun of being the boss if you can’t terrorize your minions?


The Kindle 3
So advanced, even illiterates can use it!

The newest Kindle from Amazon makes reading so easy that even an illiterate can dig it. This is a great funny fake commercial for those who don't quite appreciate the written word.


This is one of this week's hottest viral Internet Videos!

Bontrust: Increase In Currency (Money Love)

The fact that successful viral advertising doesn't always have to come from the USA or England has been impressively demonstrated recently by the Hamburg ad agency Grabarz&Partner for its client Bontrust. The lavishly produced film shows a world that is completely made of banknotes, and in which the Abraham Lincoln immortalized on dollar bills falls head over heels in love with a female banknote and fathers children with her. Ending: "Make your money multiply with us." More info and press release


BrotherSister - Still Run

This is very cool and atmospheric. Watch it late at night.

Even as the world crashes down around him, this runner keeps on going in this beautiful apocalyptic music video.


Are you a Twit? Do you Twitter? Check out this cool white boy twitter rap! Let Me Twitter Dat (the white rap) by Andy Milonakis. And you can twit Internet Video Magazine at


Spy on me or 5 rules of Twitter


Hardly Working: Bang Bus
Just when you thought he didn't have any innocence left to lose. The truth about Bang Bus and online Porn. Who would thought?


Do you need a hug? Would you spend 2 bucks for a free hug?

Free Hugs Prank: $2 Deluxe HugsFree Hugs Prank: $2 Deluxe Hugs Just having fun with the Free Hugs Guy! Music provided by Associated Production Music for Soundtrack Pro.


(0:26) Get inspired with Sarah Palin


SNL's Casey Wilson Reads Internet Comments (3:01)
Casey Wilson responds to rude message board posts on the web. Do you every google yourself?


Do you like technology? Check out Engineering TV

Growing Plants on the Moon

This is really cool - especially if you are into outer space and the future

There are hundreds of shorts from around the world playing at the Cannes Short Film Corner this year. This spotlight selection, brought to you by the National Film Board of Canada, represents some of the best.

A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death. Director Joaquin Baldwin is an Annie Award nominee director and animator from Paraguay


A Roald Dahl-like fable about an ill fated professional pianist who comes down with a unique affliction: he is losing the use of his fingers. His life spirals downward as, one by one, his digits stop functioning. Director Jordan Canning is a filmmaker living and working in St. Johns.


DIRTY KITTY - this is great example of how to make a a household task look interesting. You too can clean your pussy. Good imagination, excellent camera angles and wonderful editing.


A Death Sandwich Directed By: Daniel Gurewitch
38:00 Comedy Synopsis: A film noir musical comedy. Detective Malcolm "Mac" Drake battles the vermin of a corrupt city, armed with nothing but clever wordplay and the majesty of song. And a gun.
Syracuse University


An Animated Tale of Love "Il faut trouver l’amour"…one must find love. The courageous Mr. Chip travels in search of love.

A film by Giles Timms. Music by Welsh composer, Ceri Frost:

2D animation using Flash, TVPaint and After Effects. Created at the Animation Workshop at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.


Wish I had an ikan

This is a very cool entrant for the I Wish I Had an Ikan video contest. This is great - You don't want to be an out of focus director or cinematographer! Created by Clint Milby.


Learn the Secrets of World Leading Pick-Up Artists

Start the weekend off right with these simple (and not sketchy) pick-up pointers.


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