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Coupable (Guilty)

Sadly, homophobia is still around in today's society. What if we switched roles for a while? This film was written, shot, and edited in just 48 hours as part of a summer 2008 film festival in Canada. Additionally, it was part of the official selection of the 2008 Montreal Image Nation Film Festival.

The IT Chicks - Backup is a Bee-YatchThe IT Chicks: HOT smart babes in sexy outfits who fix computers and networks. This is good.

Stars Kato Kaelin, Jada Catta-Pretta, Elspeth Keller, Larry Hankin
Written by Scott Rubin and Phil Haney. Directed by Scott Rubin
The Story Behind the IT Chicks - Meet the Team of Tech Morons

Datarock - Give It UpDataRock rocks out. Datarock - Give It Up Another great pick from Eric - our master of music. Datarock's first video from their new album "RED". Watch as the boys in red suits bust some moves in a battle that will leave you wishing you could do the same.
Kate Gosselin Profile Video from Crosbylicious
Kate Gosselin Profile Video (0:36) Jon cheated and ripped Kate's heart to shreds.
Two funny Commercials - Kate and Jon Gosselin are looking for love. Ya want a big family with just a little drama? Gosselin from Eugene Cordero Gosselin (0:26) Jon and Kate no more. Jon is already on the prowl
Windex Fantasy Portal Commercial

Do you live in a dirty world?From the Duncan Bros

Dr. Pepper CommercialDr. Pepper Commercial - This might be the Most disgusting soft drink commercial ever

More from the Duncan Bros Sexy Rich Young Things: Shower Buddies

Sexy Rich Young Things: Shower Buddies

Glenn Beck Freak Out REMIX!! - Glen Beck Freaks Out on YouTube - Maybe the best YouTube video mash up ever! From BarelyPolitical

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