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Best Internet Videos of the Week - Best Web Video

Best Internet Videos

Best Holiday Videos

Best XMAS Videos and Best Santa Videos

Click Here to Watch Funny Holiday Videos - Hanukkah or Chanukah - Christmas - Kwanza - Santa Claus videos

Top Online Song and Video Downloads
Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' Led the iTunes Top Downloaded Songs Last Week

Madison & Vine
Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" led the iTunes top downloaded songs last week. See full chart for top iTunes, AOL music video and peer-to-peer music downloads, and Yahoo lyric searches.

Celebrate a slightly twisted Hanukkah with JibJab!

 Check out this hilarious Hanukkah video greeting from JibJab. This funny animation clip reveals the true story of Judah Maccabee and the can of "whoop-ass."  Don't mess with jews

In the 8th episode of "The Meth Minute 39" cartoon series, Pink Floyd's legendary singer Syd Barrett goes from taking a trip TO the accountant's office to having a trip AT the accountant's office. It's a Flash-animated flashback that will change the way you think about doing taxes.
We luv you Syd!
HAPPY HANUKKAH! Sharing Hanukkah Together
The Holidays are a time for sharing things like love, gifts, and essential internal body parts. This is funny. From Atom Films. Oye.

This is a really cool video about street art - Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Bag Monsters Have you ever once considered the artistic possibilities of subway exhaust?  Using only tape and garbage bags, Harris creates giant inflatable animals that become animated when fastened to a sidewalk grate. Check out this amazing video of what can be done to brighten others days with a little imagination!

Dick JeansGuys. Do you want to look manly? Gals, do you want your guy to look hot and sexy? Maybe you should get some Dick Jeans. Flaunt it - even if you don't got it!

The Actor Enforcer with Ethan Suplee Directors and producers - having problems with stubborn actors? Actresses who won't do what they are told? Call the Actor Enforcer! Brilliant!
This is hilarious- Check out Kevin Daum's "homemade" video promoting his Sales Strategies book - ROAR. How to get heard in the sales and marketing jungle! Ok, it is a lot funnier if you are Jewish. Most sales videos are very pretentious and overly serious. This goofy video promotes the book in a very silly and accessible manner.

In this 10-minute, fact-filled animation, Annie Leonard breaks down cap and trade in the way only she can. You'll learn exactly how this system is supposed to work and why so many well-meaning people support it. Then you'll meet the nasty little devils lurking in the details that make current cap and trade proposals more of a distraction than a real solution.

Vote for Your Favorite Christmas Film Fight video "Lonely Christmas" is the theme, check out how several video makers show us why it's so dang lonely...
Pick your favorite from below - there are also a buch of other good Lonely Christmas videos to watch
Lonely Christmas Holiday - A guy finds himself stranded on Christmas after hitting a patch of ice
Lonely Christmas - A tale of lost hopes and broken dreams.
Lonely Christmas A starving artist is dumped by his girlfriend on Christmas Eve
Christmas Loneliness. A Guy is gonna do what a guy is gonna do...
Hot Tiger Woods video. How come the Chinese know what really happened? So what really occurred with Tiger Woods and his wife? Check out this animation from China. Yes it is in Chinese but I think you figure out the gist of it form the action. Is this the new direction of news and paparazzi. Now you don't have to be there at all? Just make an animated video of what might have happened?
Santa wishes he'd had a pocket disc
Santa wishes he'd had a pocket disc This is a cute little business video designed to promote a unique gift item. Santa gets into trouble - too bad he didn't have a Pocket Disk

The Snowman

this is really great.

Aliens look for answers from a tight-lipped snowman but the secrets of our planet are safe with him!
Sex Offender Shuffle - when they are not out molesting, they are making music. Written, directed, and edited by Scott Gairdner Music by Alfred Montejano Facilities provided by X12 Productions
 Sex Offender Shuffle
We Say Merry Christmas"We say Merry Christmas" a Christmas Anthem for the NON-Politically Correct - New Jersey singer/songwriter Mark D. Conklin, who describes himself as "like Springsteen, only funnier but not NEARLY as cool"  has released a new rocking Christmas song poking fun at the recently heavily debated topic of holiday political correctness. Portions of the net proceeds raised from downloads of the tune will be donated in support of U.S. troops this holiday season.  "We decided to donate the money to the people who serve to defend our freedom to celebrate, or not, in the manner we choose."�   
Lonely JoeLove him or hate him, Elmer Lang makes thought provoking animated videos. Check out his latest - Lonely Joe - his retelling and updating of the classic Jesus, Mary, Christianity story. If it bothers you, tell Elmer not us... If you love it, ping Elmer or leave a comment on his YouTube channel.

This is brilliant. It may be the holiday song of the month! Had too much to drink? I Gotta Feeling Parody - Your night out anthem becomes your morning after anthem.

Secret Britney Video! Oh my gawd, is that Britney? What does Britney really sound like? Check out this secret video.
Britney Spears Live! (4:02) This is Britney with her microphone isolated from the rest of the music. She doesn't sing as pretty as she looks!  Or maybe not....
Twitterchick from LAFA (Erik Anders Johnson and Theo Von)
Great music video about the hot chicks who twit all the time.

Twitter Chick

Check out those shady sexy babes on the tweet game. who can't keep a job b.c. they're too bizzy, letting people know that they're too bizzy. buzz buzz. TWITTERCHICKS.

 American Refugees Seek Health Care in Mexico This is hilarious. Wyatt Cenac examines the Mexican health care system that's attracting desperate Americans by the thousands.
Click here for serious videos about Mexican Dental care

Here's a video for the kids. Who taught these hamsters how to play jazz? I figured they would be into country or something....

Hamster Jazz Band

The drench Clever Hamsters jazz band

Fantara Spa with Adam Scott  West Seaside has the most relaxing spa in all ...

HOT GIRLZ in REHAB!!! EPISODE 3HOT GIRLZ REALITY SHOW - HOT GIRLZ IN REHAB, Episode 3,  - Combine all the worst reality shows - stupid and bitchy contestants, crazy dumb girls, embarrassing sex, and invading rehab shows and this might be what you get. Ariel & Jasmine were on MTV's Teen Cribz and it was so popular they got their own REALITY SHOW called HOT GIRLZ. Featuring the incredibly funny Lisa Nova as Ariel

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody
The Muppets perform "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
This was one of the most watch videos on YouTube. If you  like Queen, if you like Muppets, or if you want to laugh, check out this video.
Is this really what Queen really sang about? Freddie, tell us the truth...
Haven't you ever wanted to do this? Look up your old high school friends 20 years later and drop in on them with your video crew?
Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!!

Check out this winning film from Share this video with your favorite cubicle dwellers.
            "TGIF: The Musical" Los Angeles  2009

An office sings for joy as they prepare to leave work for the weekend...but will they be able to leave on-time to start their weekend plans?

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP
Zombie ReaganHow to Save the GOP?
Republicans say they have found their fresh new face in the corpse of Ronald Reagan, recently back from the dead.

How To Avoid Doing the Dishes this Holiday Season

Are you the one scraping sticky marshmallowed yams and congealed gravy off the dishes every Thanksgiving? Shame someone else into doing it this year. Eating is fun. Cleaning up is not.

This is really weird. Cartoon Eyes. Bizarre concept but well made. If you can figure it out, feel free to tell us about it. From Dave Seger and friends. "Lambert Goldthwattle discovers that money can't buy Cartoon Eyes."
  Lady Gaga: Bad Romance parody (feat. Lord Gaga) #6Lady Gaga:
Bad Romance parody (feat. Lord Gaga) #6 Great Lady Gaga Parody Video -
Who is weirder?

The making of the Lady Gaga Parody Video Lady Gaga: BEHIND THE AWESOME!
See all the stuff they couldn't show in the video! Behind the scenes of "Lady Gaga & Lord Gaga",
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