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TwittelehJewish humor meets tech humor. Check out Twitteleh. Twitter for your Jewish Mother. Oy this is funny!
Do you watch the show Mad Men? If so, you'll love this take off Meshugene Men. Well cast, perfectly produced and VERY funny.
Check out You, a new music video from Plum. Moody, emotional and psychedelic, it was created by by Jiamin Liu, a second year student at the Edinburgh College of Art. Plum says "My album Different Skin will be out next month on Benbecula Records, it is the first female release in a decade on the Scottish cult label."

If you liked "You", check out Plum's "Toys Music Video" a very cool and weird music animation

Here is another great inspirational video from KarmaTube, Dan Reed's "The Dictator". Created by musician Dan Reed, this music video combines stock footage with classic BW footage from Charlie Chaplin's speech at the climax of the 1940 film "The Great Dictator". This video reminds us of the importance of "humanity" in making this world a better place to live in.
This is a wonderful and tasty music video dedicated to the joy of wine and sensuality. Do you love wine? Check out this finalist for the Wine Spectator video contest. "Worth the Wait" by Annie Shapiro. Sultry and sexy. Check out the other finalists at the Wine Spectator video contest. New World vs Old is a funny wine oriented take off on the Mac versus PC commercials
Here are some of the finalists in this History Channel and Aniboom contest. These are animated takes on a great historical speech shown on television. Musicians, actors, and writers like Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Josh Brolin, Allison Moorer, and Bruce Springsteen read the words that have shaped and enriched our nation. By boldly rising and demonstrating the power of free speech and democracy, these select few people enriched the world and changed history with language.
Blending the biting words of writer Marge Piercy in the sharp tongue of poet Stacey-Ann Chin with images of historical distress—including the JFK assassination, Jesus’s crucifixion, and “Tank Man” at Tiananmen Square—Israeli animator Avi Graiver sends out a stark call for resistance in a vicious world.
Using stop motion video, US animator Carlos Ferguson shows how the economic and social scales cannot always be tipped in favor of the upper class, and how there will always be an inevitable crash when society is founded upon inequity
A practical how-to guide for the effective, clinical subversion of democracy, Chinese animator David Chen’s hilarious yet unnerving animation takes the words of Emma Goldman, as acted by Sandra Oh, and shows how easy it is to destroy the very ideals from which freedom is based.
This is incredible. Toy Soldiers - I have never seen such an intricate piece of high quality stop motion animation. Simply amazing!

The Webby Awards are Coming. Watch the Video - Nominate Your favorite Web Video. Read the announcement

Here are past Webby Award Winners!

Santa Gets Kinky - Foxy Santa - This is a great and just slightly naughty Christmas animation made for the Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge. A story about Santa and one of his kinky love affairs....Created by Avi Graiver
Pamela Anderson's Banned Peta CommercialPamela Anderson's "Banned" PETA commercial. Do you want to protect the animals? Do you simply want to see Pamela Anderson got down and sexy?

I swear officer, I am not carrying any defenseless animals. OK, search me again.

September 11, 2001 was a day of tragedy and challenge for the United States. In response, Americans rallied together as one to support families who had lost loved ones, to help in recovery efforts, and to show the world how a powerful spirit of service and sacrifice can unite a nation during it's most trying time. September 11th is now officially designated a National Day Of Service and Remembrance. Watch how the events of 9/11 moved several individuals to serve in the spirit of generosity, compassion, and hope.

9-11 National Day of Service


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