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The ultimate reality show? Fire Battalion - The Series - Fire, Rescue and EMS!

If you are into firefighting and emergency services, you got to check out The Battalion. Each webisode has the look and feel of a fully produced episodic series for television. Using state of the art streaming technology, they can be watched in full screen-mode online or downloaded to be viewed and saved on your computer to be viewed later or on an iPod, Cell-phone, and many other compatible devices. They have delivered 80 webisodes to millions of viewers in over 100 countries...most first responders.


Do you want to help save the world but are too lazy to lift a finger? Send money. Check out Donate Now (2:54) . Save the children. And the adults. And the animals...and the music.
I Like That Boom Boom Pope - You can do this. Take some stock footage of a public figure, dub in a cool sound track or hip hop song, and then use all your editing chops and a whole lot of special effects and video filters to spice it up. From - watch now. Its a Mash Up - Sorta... Video DJ

boom boom pope

This dramatic yet funny short video is very well made and features Obama Girl - Also with Derek DeAngelis (Fast Lane Daily), and Bobby Miller (The Reel Good Show). ‘Death Takes the Cake’ A spooky birthday party premonition plays out in this hilarious ‘Final Destination’ spoof.

This is pretty weird. But what else would you expect from Cracked TV? Add to the "not in good taste" file. But you had to look, eh?

Videos of People Who Look Like Special Effects Creations

Mika - We Are Golden (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Are you ready to have fun? This is one of the goofiest music videos around. Sort of a Abba take-off
JK Wedding Entrance Dance

More at

Now every wedding is going to try and outdo this.... watch out world!

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