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Cain’s Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson, Scott Gairdner, Danny Jelinek, Funny Or Die, Joel Church Cooper, Kat Bardot, BoTown
Sound, Ally Hord, Alex Richanbach, Anna Wenger, Erin Cantelo, and TLopezCeperoHERMAN CAIN’S CAMPAIGN PROMISES WITH MIKE TYSON 
Mike Tyson does Herman Cain!  Embattled GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has some bold plans for the future of America.Vote for me or I will bite your ear off....
KarmaTube - Video of the Week - Sounds of Kindness -In honor of World Kindness Day on November 13, we offer this video of the impact kindness had on a grieving family. Jeanette Mare and her family honor the memory of their son's spirit by creating Ben's Bells - beautiful, hand-crafted ceramic wind chimes that are placed randomly and anonymously in public places around Tuscon, and beyond. The bells are a musical reminder of the power people have to change the world by being kind.

Watch Video Now
Sounds of Kindnesskk
Check out this short film, "Let It Bleed," which was selected to the Hoboken International Film Festival this past year.
Aidan is a young man living his dream in New York City, until he awakens one morning to find a mysterious black box containing a DVD with the words "Play Me" on it, outside his front door.  To Aidan's horror, the DVD contains a sadistic video of a young girl tied up at the hands of a knife-wielding maniac in a black mask.  Aidan's world turns upside down when he finally recognizes the young hostage on the tape:  his girlfriend Madison.

As Aidan struggles to cope with the horrifying images he sees, we relive his charmed life with Madison as a young couple in love and surrounded by close friends.  But the bonds they have
 forged are more than what they seem, and Aidan must race to make sense of who could tear his dream apart and why, before it's too late for both Madison and for himself.
Harold & Kumar's Yuletide Jamz
 Join Harold & Kumar as they sing all of your favorite holiday classics... and some songs they just made up while they were high.
These is pretty funny....Makes you want to see the movie..
Charlie Brown: Blockhead's Revenge from Dylan OBrien, Colton Haynes, Robert Ben Garant, Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Rachel  Bloom, Cathy Shim,
Carrie Wiita, David Lincoln, Betsy Koch, Brian Lane, Kat Bardot, BoTown Sound, Aubrey Binzer, John Carpenter, Funny Or Die, and HalloweenCHARLIE BROWN: BLOCKHEAD'S REVENGE 
The grittiest, sexiest, scariest reboot of this Fall stars the cast of MTV's Teen Wolf (Dylan O'Brien, Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin & Holland Roden).
Plastic Debris ArtA commitment that began on their first date, Richard and Judith Lang have been collecting plastic debris from Kehoe Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore in California, for over ten years. They use these plastic articles to make beautiful works of art, not just as an exhibition of their talents, but to draw attention to the deeper concern of plastic pollution of the world's oceans.
Plastic Debris Art
 Check out this new Beach Boys music video for Heros and Villains.. 

This "crowd-sourced" Beach Boys video project was Tongal’s first-ever music video initiative. 
Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys said, “Who better to make the music videos than our fans?  Our fans mean everything to us and have supported us for a long time. We think this is a special opportunity for us to be able to put the creation of these music videos in the fans’ hands for songs that are so important to us and hopefully to them, as well.”

Robert Capria, creative director at Actuality Films, is a long time fan and jumped on this opportunity on to create an amazing video for one of the world’s most famous bands.  You can check out Robert’s video here:

Ben Heck channels his inner ghost buster on the Halloween episode of element14’s The Ben Heck ShowCheck out the Ben Heck Show - TV for Nerds and Electronics Enthusiasts -Halloween Show - Ghosts!
So you want to make web movies? Check out this tutorial from Free Film School -  review of the new Canon XA10 professional video camera, discuss the importance of the Rule of Thirds and go over different camera bags from Lowepro, Kata and Pelican.
Get the Canon XA10 professional camcorder for just $1995!
This is really goofy. Do you waste too many hours of your day playing Angry Bids? Check out this odd little interactive animation called - appropriately enough - "Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds"
Are you creative? Do you know your way around a video camera and editing? You can do a great little video like this without spending a lot of money. Its all about acting chops, good writing and nice direction! Being a bit trashy and foul mouthed doesn't hurt! Yes, he has a team but you could do this....Check it out - Nerd Gets the Girl at YouTube
This is brilliant - in more ways than one...Bottle to BulbBottle to BulbHow many ways can you think of to reuse an old plastic bottle? Solar Demi is a man who has come up with a new use - plastic bottle as solar light bulb. The idea is ingenious in its simplicity, but its power comes through the benefit it can give to so many across the world.
Watch Video Now
Have you ever texted the wrong message? Has your phone's auto correct messed you up?Checkout "Auto Correct Love Song" Great idea, nice production
Its funny and so true....
Lindsey Koens tells us that My friends and I made this video and would be super excited if you could post it on your page. We went to Dragon Con in Atlanta and trolled some nerds.

The "host" Yeshmin is a confused old man who throws hilarious insults at Dragon Con geeks. He's as funny and offensive as Triump the Comic Insult Dog yet as unassuming and charming as Mr. Rogers or your crazy next door neighbor. Check him out!

Title: Old Man Trolls DragonCon 2011 Nerd Parade

Description: A confused old man throws hilarious insults at Dragon Con geeks.

Say Something NiceSay Something Nice -A few folks at Improv Everywhere constructed a custom wooden lectern with a megaphone holster and an attached sign that read: "Say Something Nice." The lectern was placed in public spaces around New York and then left alone. What would happen when passerbys were given the opportunity to amplify their voices to "say something nice"? Watch and find out. :) Watch Video Now
This is pretty good. A little slow at first and then it gets funny.Secret Girl Language (with Ashley Benson)Secret Girl Language (with Ashley Benson)
The Six Monsters You'll Have As RoommatesAre you going back to school? Looking forward to getting your first dorm and meeting your roommate?This is funny, well made, and unfortunately, quite true....
The Six Monsters You'll Have As Roommates
Is your life like a video game? Check out Next Level Hugs!Like regular hugs, but not boring. Check it out in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS!Next Level Hugs!

Whiskey Shivers - Gimme All Your Lovin'

This is f'ing amazing! So how do they do that?. Watch the entire music video so you don't miss the very interesting finale!
You're Perfect - KarmaTube's Video of the Week - This will make you feel good!One Man, One Sign, One Message
You are perfect. One simple message, one simple truth. A local filmmaker profiles an inspired man dedicated to sharing this message with his community.
One Man, One Sign, One Message
Watch Video Now
Once A Week Film Fest Presents - "Casulo" by Bla Bla BlaOnce a Week online film festival is a weekly showcase of short indie films under 15 minutes. All films showcased come directly from submissions. Every Wednesday at 10pm eastern time the highest rated film will be shown on the homepage and will remain for an entire week. Each selected film will stay on the channel forever and as the festival grows will receive more and more views. No Entry Fee. Any genre accepted, no completion date, ongoing submissions. For more information on how to submit or to watch a few films please visit.
Are you sick of those overly cute romantic movies with girls who are just a bit too odd and quirky? Check out"Quirky Girl"

A man (Aaron Paul) meets an incredibly beautiful new girl (Teresa Palmer) in his building and she's so quirky that it's hard to see any problems with her at all. This is the indie film of the year for quirky girls. PS - not for the easily nauseated...
"High as F#%k" music Video - Comedy. Music Video by Jon is pretty darn entertaining....
The Date from Tallman, Todd Bishop, rachelgoldenberg, and Funny Or DieTHE DATE 
Leslie Scheckter has a big date tonight and doesn't want anything to go wrong.
Footsteps into the World Beneath    To view the video, click on your connection speedLocation: Missouri   Length: 30min     56k    300k    700k      56k    300k    700k 
Six hundred years ago, humans, black bears, and mountain lions were inhabiting a Missouri cave. When the entrance collapsed, everything was trapped inside, creating a time capsule not to be discovered until a small hole in the ceiling exposed the cave in 1985. In this 30-minute documentary by Emmy-winning director Christian Cudnik, rappel 65 feet into the darkness and follow cave archaeologists as they document prehistoric footprints, rock art, torch marks, bear tracks, beds, and much more in this cave north of Springfield, Missouri.
DC Shoes: Gymkhana FourBest Viral Video of the Week - Read the Ad Age Article about the top viral videos of the weekLeading the pack with 5 million views is DC Shoes's fourth installment of the Gymkhana series, a nine-minute short featuring professional rally driver Ken Block zooming around a Universal Studios lot with classic film references -- such as a view of the Bates Motel -- interspersed. Riding its coattails and getting new life because of it are the second and third Gymkhana installments at Nos. 7 and 9, respectively.
Michelle Bachmann's MigrainesThe latest from Michelle Bachman and her wieners fetish
Michele Bachmann has migraines but her husband Marcus has all of the best cures for migraines.
Michele Bachmann's Migraines from Funny Or Die, Erin, Bryan , ellhoof, and Kat Bardot
Becoming SomeoneKarmaTube Video of the Week - Becoming Someone" you're looking for answers but you're not entirely sure about the questions. But you know you have to become someone. A SOMEONE." That's how this short, whimsical film opens. With fabulous music by Stephane Wrembel and creative out-takes from book stores (including a cameo by the filmmaker's dog!), this is a journey about becoming someone, no one, and paying attention.
Watch Video Now
Big Head. Steve Carell's contract clearly states his head has to be the biggest one on his movie posters.
Get the inside scoop - "Crazy, Stupid Love"
Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract from Steve Carell, Crazy_Stupid_Love, Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, johnrossbowie, David Ferguson, Lindy, BRIAN HUSKEY, kevinstewart, Tony Swansey, PatB, and BoTown Sound
Best VIRAL VIDEO of the WeekAdAge Digital Viral Video Chart - Mustafa-vs.-Fabio Duel Bounces Old Spice to Top of Viral Chart.It's #TeamMustafa Against #TeamFabio for the Man Your Man Should Smell Like
The new/old Old Spice guy is spicing things up all right -- the deodorant's newest campaign drove straight in at No. 1 with 3.5 million views.

The Girls of Comic-Con 2011

Jessica Nigri Cosplay Hot Chick at Comic-Con

Hot Sex with Kassem G at Comic-Con

Exclusive Shay Carl Interview at Comic-Con

PART 2: HOT CHICKS at Comic-Con 2011
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