Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Music videos rock - From the classic Michael Jackson Thriller to this new video from Naked Ape which combines a bit
of sex, a bit of animation and some great dancing zombies. Naked Ape's song Fashion Freak. Don't miss the vampire dog. We love the car wash parody... Scary.....

And if you like Thriller, check out Michael Jackson Vs Apu. Thriller edition the ultimate battle between an American star and a Bollywood legend!

Scary Mary Poppins (2006)
The Disney classic is recut as a horror film by Chris Rule.
1 min 6 sec


This is incredible. It is amazing what you can do with some make-up and Photoshop. 
Check this out. The Evolution of Beauty

The Long Version at Campaign for Real Beauty - Why can't we be happy with how we
really look?
This is a great film to share with your kids. Get them off the beauty trap before
they get eternally sucked in.


Have you ever wanted to be famous? To be a superhero - with your own TV show and feature film. Check out the Diary of SuperDude and Friend. The longer you watch it, the better it gets. Watch out evildoers, here comes George Bush ... oops I mean SuperDude...


You want to see something really scary? So cute that you might die from a sugar overdose? Check out the Halloween episode of GirlTalkTV. Starring Abigail Mavity and Steffani Brass


This is sort of cute with some very interesting effects. Simple story but well done. Check out what happens when The Toilet Paper Roll Monster battles the Water Bottle Monster.


Check out, "I Wanna Be Famous", a great short animation music video by Jessica Delfino. Directed by Nick Fox-Gieg,

Also r
ead her article about her struggle to get her video made and posted at YouTube.


Need Good PR?
Want to get great press coverage?



George Bush... love him or hate him, you got to admit he is great fodder for parody and humor. Checkout this hilarious short flick - TooMuchBush


Orgy at French Disneyland? The Walt Disney Company has lodged a furious complaint over a saucy joke video doing the rounds on the Internet, shot by staff at Disneyland Paris in the guise of well-known cartoon characters.


Halloween Videos served up by Brightcove:

  • New Dan Myrick Movie - On October 31st, visit to see an exclusive premiere of Dan Myrick's upcoming film, SOLSTICE, his first full-length theatrical feature since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Set in New Orleans, this supernatural thriller centers on a group of friends who vacation together at a lake house before splitting up for college.

  • The Horror Channel - For original horror programming, the place to go is The Horror Channel, the world's first-ever online horror programming service. The Horror Channel features an array of original series—including the web's first horror series, Shadow Falls, and the upcoming Heartland Horrors—as well as 250 classic and contemporary independent horror films available via video on demand. See it all at

  • and the Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards - What serious fright night TV fan would miss the newest offering from Since 1978, FANGORIA has been the world's most trusted name for horror news, information and entertainment. The next innovation in horror, FANGORIA TV, screams onto broadband, completely immersing you in your favorite genre. is an Internet TV service that features video-on-demand content along with free programming for horror fans of all ages, and a premium service providing uncut and uninterrupted programming for viewers 18 and up. and MTVN's teamed up together to offer the Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards - check out the winners and at


Check out this wonderful flick from iKlipz. El Mago - the Magician. Is he a wizard or ain't he? Professionally produced with slick editing, cinematography and acting. This is great and will make you want to watch it again.


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