Saturday, June 16, 2007

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Best Internet Video of the Week

Fathers Day Videos from Atom Films. Here is a nice short collection of slightly twisted and a bit demented films that celebrate dads day - sort of. Also, check out the other Fathers Day videos

The Young@Heart Chorus, whose members range from 73 to 92 years old. Singing songs they shouldn't even know, at an age when they're expected to be sitting quietly somewhere, they subvert all accepted notions of old and young. read the story, see the videos

Paris Spoof

Paris Hilton - Jail Video Music Parody - this is brilliant and funny and you got to share it!

produced & directed by Allan Murray & Sean Haines =
Visit the Omovie web site

Sensitivity Training - Are you a sensitive and aware guy? Understanding what you got to do to be properly PC and co-exist with their opposite sex? Check out this well done and hilarious - sensitivity training video - this program is what guys needs to experience before they are allowed to move into a coed dorm. Its great. And educational. Sort of. Guys, it ain't all about boobs....

Keeping with a theme, check out Beer Goggles - the Movie. A short "viral" video made to promote Beer League - the movie. Its an old joke but well done.

The GoTo Mom - This is a dynamic “How to” show for families with young children (newborn to 6). The “Go To Mom” addresses pregnancy and parenting issues, discipline strategies, and much much more! The show also presents cutting edge research about the development of the young child's brain. Various specialists will be featured periodically. The “Go To Mom” is proud of her “What's hot and What's not: Baby Product Tips and Leads special segment. Los Angeles based, former preschool teacher and licensed child development therapist, Kimberley Clayton Blaine, is the “Go To Mom.”

check out the plethora of mom and parenting videos is an excellent place for people to post many different types of bird videos. Their goal is to provide a community of people who love birds, domestic and wild. It is targeted to both amateurs and professionals who want to share their bird videos and a little about the bird, the video, or whatever else they feel is relevant. Packed with videos, this site is entertaining, educational and informative. Check it out - this site is very effectively designed and it is easy to upload your videos.

If you are planning on breaking into the film business - or want to learn how to make digital videos and online features - you got to check out this cool and informative site - Filmmaking 101, Film Techniques, Tutorials and Free Movie Scripts. The Online Guide to Independent Filmmaking and Film Production; including, Techniques, Tutorials, Manuals, Film Courses, Free Software, Free Movie Scripts and Screenplays.

You got to visit, a truly wonderful comedy internet series. The site features both shorts and longer episodes that follow the adventures of Joey and David. Some of these movies are brilliant. Make sure you watch LaundryRoom Girl, Endless Romance, and Douche-Ups. Make sure to leave your comments after watching and visit the forum to talk to other visitors.

Eyespot may be the world's most fun and interactive video web site...This site is a blast - you can pick and chose from a wide range of video and audio clips to create your own video mash-ups - mix them, cut them, slam them together - your can do all this all online and then share them with friends, family and the rest of the world

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