Sunday, March 04, 2007

Best Internet Videos and Internet Video Web Sites

Are you familiar with the saga of LonelyGirl15 - aka Bree - a young and very cute Internet video blogger who turns out to be a professional actress who gets all her stories professionally written for her. And then she gets her own TV show? Anyhow, checkout this music video parody of her story and her plight. LonelyGirl15 Song

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Black Button - this is a great little student film - check it out - Mr Roberts finds himself awoken inexplicably in a white room. A man sits before him at a desk and in between them stands a black button. If Mr Roberts pushes it, he will receive a briefcase filled with millions of dollars. Or he can take the key to the door and leave penniless. The catch? Pushing the button will result in the death of a human being. What would you do?


This is brilliant! Every 30 Seconds....Directed by Jeremy Corray. By the time you finish reading this film synopsis, a drunk driver will cause a traffic accident. Every 30 seconds in America, a man is hit by a drunk driver. However, this little factoid isn't as terrifying as it might sound, since drunk drivers apparently hit the same guy every 30 seconds. This is that man's story. Don't miss the Hitchcock homage...


What are lunch breaks and lunch rooms like at your job? Are there a few characters that sort of liven up the place, -make the place a bit strange or odd? Check out this Office Lunch. at BlipTV. It will make you glad you're not the new guy.


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Check out The Audience. Don't you wish you had your own posse or entourage who would worship you wherever you went, and appreciate everything you ever did. Directed by Jason Strouse

Comedian Alex Thomas doesn't roll with a posse, or even an entourage. No. He's got his own audience. His traveling audience laughs at all of his lame jokes, applauds his every move, but they can cause problems during life's more intimate moments.


This is amazingly strange and weird but very, very good

They're Made Out of Meat - Directed by Stephen O'Regan

After years of probing humans in every possible manner, two alien researchers meet at a late night diner to discuss a most unusual discovery about our species.


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Amazing time-lapse video of 106 balloon mass ascension, two hours in one minute.

You don't have to love ballooning or aviation to appreciate this great video hosted at the DivX site.

You'll need the DivX video player to see it but it is a free download.


This is crazy funny. It might amaze you what old ladies can do sometimes - Aroma...


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