Friday, December 29, 2006

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Politeness and smokers? What is the right thing to do when you come across someone sneaking a desperately needed hit of nicotine in the lavatory? Smile, wave, ignore them? The Answer


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Now that you got a NEW CAMCORDER - What Accessories do You Really Need?


Have you seen the Dove Evolution of Beauty series of videos? Designed to puncture the myth or fashion and skinnyness that plagues our youth? As you would expect, there are a few great spoofs and parodies - DOVE Spoof Films


Still Life - this sci-fi horror film made it to the top of AtomFilm's top 26 online videos for 2006. Directed by Jon Knautz, it tells the story of Nathan, who while taking a detour during a road trip, finds himself in a winter bound small town whose residents seem positively frozen.

Here is a link to all 26 Top Videos of 2006


Love is a curious thing. Sometimes it is right in front of you and you just never see it. Check out this short flick - Unnoticed - one of the top vote getters from the Tahiti Online Film Festival. This film is short, sweet and quite poignant.


Want to have a hit video on video sharing sites? Have a strong desire to be the next YouTube superstar? The Viral Learning Center will equip you with the tools necessary to become the internet's next big thing!

Here's the classic alabama leprechaun video!


Merry Christmas Judas
he Christmas Story - what really happened? Let Judas tell you the inside truth. Holiday heraldry from the hostile apostle. Miracles, the true meaning of Christmas and a 2000 year-old drunk.

OK - if you really want to have some fun at Britney's expense - watch this

Another Britney & KFed Video! - It starts with the Kfed caper and then goes on form there - poor misunderstood Bitney

Santa 24 - This is brilliant and demonstrates how everyone is learning to leverage the power of viral video. "The following takes place between 11:58 PM and 12 AM...on Christmas Eve."


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