Saturday, November 18, 2006

Best Internet Videos of the Week

Best Video Web Sites of the Week


How does your community fight speeding and the breaking of speed laws. In the cutting edge nation of Denmark, they are trying something a bit different. Bikini Bandits. This might work to hold the speeds down. Personally, I can't wait to see what they are going to rollout to combat the ever more serious crime of running red lights.

Fresh from the Free Range  Studio, their  latest creation: BACKWARDS HAMBURGER! This one's posted up on YouTube. Learn what's behind the fast food facade
in this funky cartoon chronicling the life of a hamburger in reverse. Free Range has
teamed up with Participant Productions, makers of the upcoming film Fast Food Nation,
to expose a nasty industry. This one will take you back-- back to the drive thru,
back to the slaughterhouse, back to the cow...


Do you like cats? Do you like New York City? Are you an actor. Put them all together and you get the wonderfully funny and very well made film "Lunky Business." This is part of the Its Your Show competition. Here's a bunch of new You and Pet Videos to check out


Thanksgiving Prayer - Gus Van Sant directs literary giant William S. Burroughs in his wonderfully sardonic tribute to Thanksgiving from 1986. watch video ยป

More Thanksgiving Videos


This is the winner of the MTV Flash Video Award at the BitFilm 2006 Festival. Great animation and technique

Blow - by Hermes Mangialardo

In this 3 minute video, the God of War advances on his chart full of death and destruction? Who will be able to stop him? Perhaps a little is enough... a blow. More Flash Video Contest Finalists


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