Friday, November 10, 2006

This is a winner at the new NBC online program, Its Your Show.
Have you ever tried Internet Dating - you make the connection with
someone who sounds really hot - you agree to meet at the park? Now
turn that into a well produced musical, "Date Park - The Musical". Watch it
and laugh.

So the republicans are out and the Dems are in. Donald Rumsfeld got fired and "cut and ran". Have you ever wondered why he decided to abdicate? Check out this little video and you may get some great insight.


A group of teenage boys ruin a grown man's attempt to impress his smokin' hot girlfriend during a visit to the bumper car arcade. Strong temperaments — and cars — collide in this chic film from Oscar-nominated director Nacho - Choque (Crash)

If you like bumper cars, you'll love this


This is poignant, funny and extremely well made. Sweetnightgoodheart - from the UK is a short 9 minute flick that tells the story of Pete who is finding out that breaking up is definitely hard to do. Especially when his break up dinner is mistaken for a proposal and things spiral way out of control.


"A Cruisemas Carol" is a new short film from
the VELCRO troupe. It stars Skyler Stone, Alanna Ubach and Zach Johnson. It is a spoof about the most ridiculous celeb couple out there today - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It takes place on Christmas Eve.


This is the winner of the MTV Flash Video Award at the BitFilm 2006 Festival. Great animation and technique

Blow - by Hermes Mangialardo

In this 3 minute video, the God of War advances on his chart full of death and destruction? Who will be able to stop him? Perhaps a little is enough... a blow. More Flash Video Contest Finalists


This is not so new but it is still pretty funny. Captain Jack Sparrow for Verizon Wireless - arggh me matey, pirates with cell phones Pirates of the Caribbean phone commercial.


Making a movie is not very glamorous. There's a lot of hard work, a lot of grunt work, a lot of sitting around and waiting. However, it pales when compared to the arduous nature of making animation, Checkout this "making of" / behind-the-scenes sneak peak at the upcoming movie "Annihilation".

... so I had to make a movie about my failure to complete the movie, and turn that in instead.


This is brilliant. Using the old fashioned pixilation stop motion technique of animation, this short flick - Web 2.0 is great. And if you are an internet nerd or spend too much time in front of your computer, you will love it even more.


One of the most popular videos to litter the online video sharing sites has been countless variations of the Mentos and Soda film. Mix them together - it goes fizz bigtime. Ok. Now what would happen if you had a VERY big bottle of soda and TOO many Mentos? Watch


Men With Cramps. The Bowels Of History - Part I (2006)
The true meaning of mankind's oldest cave paintings
tell about the trials and tribulations of early Man.
1 min 43 sec
. Watch all seven episodes at iFilm


"When you work retail you should always be nice because you don't know who is standing across the counter from you." Its the latest JerryTime movie - "The Texas Chainsaw Customer" at (

It's based on a true tale from the life of Jerry in which he is trapped in a store for two hours with a man who was accused of murdering two in Texas with a bandsaw. They have information about the now-deceased ex-con who spent two years on Texas' death row on their blog. (



Anonymous steve i said...

the Men with Cramps stuff is great...doesn't say who made it though. is it an ad for something, or a preview for a movie?

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out this new site - these really are the BEST videos out there!

8:52 PM  

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