Monday, November 27, 2006

Best Internet Videos of the Week

Best Video Web Sites of the Week

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Do You Need a New Camcorder? The Holidays are coming and its time to buy a camcorder. Please visit our New & improved camcorder review section:


Want to experience great filmmaking - simple concept, no effects but great editing and direction? Check out the Curse of the Little Brother by Michael Skiny Power. This is part of the Filmaka Online web site spotlight on video makers. Its great!

Fresh from the Free Range  Studio, their  latest creation:
BACKWARDS HAMBURGER! This one's posted up on
Learn what's behind the fast food facade
in this funky cartoon chronicling the life of a hamburger
in reverse. Free Range has teamed up with Participant
Productions, makers of the upcoming film Fast Food Nation,
to expose a nasty industry.


OK - the elections are over but maybe it is time for a new political party.
The Vagina Party. This flick is amazingly clever and funny and has the ring of truth. Doesn't it sound like a party you would like to be invited to?

This is really cute = "PS3 versus Wii" - Which game system are you going to pick? yes this is a commercial and yes it exploits women's bodies to sell products. But someone has to help Santa decide what goes under the tree this Holiday season.

Return To Purgatory
Where do dead rock stars and celebrities go when they die? To the quaint little town of Purgatory of course, a metaphysical truck stop on their highway to heaven or hell. The second installment of this series answers the age-old question "What career path would Jimi Hendrix of chosen if he'd never played guitar and had George C. Scott as his Guidance Counselor?


Video Dating is still a great way to meet the possible person of your dreams. Whether its via MySpace, YouTube, or a video dating service, there is nothing better than showing the real you using video. Or is there? Check out Perfect Dating. BTW - as some of our staffers used to produce dating videos, this is so reallllllll. Try to cut around this.


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