Friday, December 22, 2006

Do you Scrabble or do you not scrabble? Check out this well made, short and funny video about the Scrabble the Game. Its Ze Show with Frank. History, education and humor all wrapped up in a single video.


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Do You Need a New Camcorder? The Holidays are coming and its time to buy a camcorder. Please visit our New & improved camcorder review section


Still Life - this sci-fi horror film made it to the top of AtomFilm's top 26 online videos for 2006. Directed by Jon Knautz, it tells the story of Nathan, who while taking a detour during a road trip, finds himself in a winter bound small town whose residents seem positively frozen.

Here is a link to all 26 Top Videos of 2006


Santa 24 - This is brilliant and demonstrates how everyone is learning to leverage the power of viral video. "The following takes place between 11:58 PM and 12 AM...on Christmas Eve."


Here is the latest in the ongoing series of "It's Jerrytime" animations or podcasts.

In this episode, called "Traffic Trouble," Jerry gets hit by a cab in New York City, and then the trouble starts. Its pretty darn good.

Rockers Taking Back Sunday recorded their take on 12 Days of Christmas” live in-studio for AOL Sessions. The band’s comical rendition caught the attention of Darren Pasemko (Fluorescent Hill Studio) who created an exclusive animated video featuring a cartoon Adam and Fred in their best Christmas attired joined by three French hens, two turtle doves, and an animated Danny Bonaduce. Not to mention dolphins, strippers in Santa Clause costumes, a BLUE Jolly Green Giant with 5 golden rings, unicorns, and much more.

George Lucas Presents: Singin' In the Rain (Special Edition)

Chocolate_Cake_City George Lucas has digitally re-mastered and restored the American classic Singin' In the Rain. The way Gene Kelly originally intended it. Its a bit slow to get going but well worth it!


People go to Las Vegas for many reasons - partying, gambling, sin, etc. Many of go to visit out the sites, hang out in the cool hotels, see a show, or to attend one of the many business meetings or conventions that are held there. Check out what happens when Jesus returns to hit up a big Vegas convention.


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Have you ever wondered how to get famous on YouTube? What does it take to create a successful viral video? Check out Jamie Kennedy's take - his short video on how to make it big on YouTube. How To Blow Up On You Tube


amily Xmas - You'd think Santa would know better than to visit the home of a mob boss. Can Mr. Kringle clear up the confusion, or will he end up sleeping with the fishes? WARNING - There's a bit of mafia Tony Soprano swearing..

The pilot episode of the creepy horror-comedy series "HellHoles, Episode1 ” was funded and developed by AtomFilms Studio and created by filmmakers Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle. The special-effects-driven series tells the story of a hapless dork who buys a mobile home for one dollar, and then finds that it's a gateway to Hell.

Want to experience great filmmaking - simple concept, no effects but great editing and direction? Check out the Curse of the Little Brother by Michael Skiny Power. This is part of the Filmaka Online web site spotlight on video makers. Its great!


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