Sunday, February 18, 2007

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Habits of Mind, the third episode of Clock Tower Production's dramatic Internet serial "Windinggear", has been released. Homepage: It combines some great editing, writing and story telling into an ongoing web story.

This is a series of very cool and occasionally artsy videos. You won't find this kind of stuff on YouTube.


Our Very First Sex Tape - This is one of the top flicks on AtomFilms - Directed by Amy Talkington

Intent on spicing up their relationship, a couple decides to film their very own sex tape in a seedy hotel. Catch Alex Michel, the original star of ABC's hit reality series, The Bachelor, in his film debut! Warning - mature images and langage.


Do you despise and look down on those who use the video to find a date? Or are you one of those who cruise the net looking for true love and the perfect LTR? Check out this series of short videos from AtomFilms titled Casual Encounters. Warning - adult themes and language.


Have you ever broken up with someone on video? Check out Sandra Gets Dumped by Tracy D. Smith. Simple yet effective cinematography combined with excellent writing and acting. BRILLIANT.

This is Sandra's video response to the man who crushed her dreams of domestic bliss.


How to Put your Videos Up On YouTube - YouTube is currently the world's most popular video upload site and gets about 65,000 or more videos a day submitted to them. YouTube says that their videos account for 60 percent of all videos watched online and that their visitors spend an average of 17 minutes per session on the site. According to Nielsen NetRatings, YouTube has nearly 20M unique users per month.

Here is how YOU can join the party and have your videos online at YouTube. Its really easy.


Special deals and Rebates on Prosumer and Broadcast Video Cameras and Camcorders


This is sort of cool - it has a great tease - you try to guess what it is all about.

Hot Sexy Webcam Girl


Have you experienced the "Will It Blend" viral video phenomenon? It started as a joke but now it it is getting tons of attention. Here is Golf Club - Will It Blend? Here is the collection of Will It Blend videos from the source - BlendTec. Here is a cool related news item - Extreme Blending Whirls Orem Business into National Spotlight


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