Sunday, February 04, 2007

Great New Internet Videos and Video Websites

This is great = especially if you are a movie maker or broadcast industry veteran. "I'll Fix It In Post" Meet THESAP. Scott Allen Perry's goal is to make Hollywood make better movies. Maybe the best in high quality podcast-based entertainment.

Hilary raps - getting ready to run for president. Pretty good whether you luv or hate her. It's the Rodham Rap

Hey, if her husband got elected president after playing a saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show, then Hillary should win in a landslide with this impressive rap video. Not only do we get to see Hillary's untapped hip-hop talents in full effect, but you'll learn so much about her political agenda!

-------------------------------- is the first Internet-based television network dedicated to moms. allows new and expectant parents to tune in to broadcast-quality streaming television, upload videos to share with the community, interact with live events, engage in e-commerce transactions, browse links on the web, and participate in’s robust online community. has partnered with major media companies like Oxygen and Alpha Mom to bring a wealth of informative and entertaining programming to their viewers. They even have a section where you can upload and share videos of your baby and kids. MyBabyTV
------------------------------------------ launched in beta with nine channels of original video comedy, outrageous games, social networking and user-generated videos. This is a very interesting new "community oriented" video site with a definite political edge. Check it out. press release

YouAreTV was born from the necessity to have independent quality video exposed to new distribution channels. YouAreTV makes sharing your video to the world simple and effortless. We host, aggregate, organize, and distribute all video on our website. Through using tags, social networking, and semantic search, we make it easy for anyone to find the right content they want to see. Our focus is on user-generated content and on enabling the formation of communities around video. We believe everyone has the ability to produce. We believe that You ARE TV!

Do you like to laugh? Do you like to laugh at commercials? Do you like to laugh a funny commercials. Well then, have we got a site for you. It is the aptly named Very Funny Ads web site. Very nicely designed site with tons of wonderfully hilarious commercials for you to watch and share.

Here's a new site for hosting videos. They are specializing in spotlighting independent films and shorts - OverairTV.

Here is another good site for independent film makers to get exposure! is an online broadcasting network which allows independent film makers to upload their high-definition content, run their own content station, or create viewer demand for their content and station while sharing in their advertising. Great site for independent film makers to get exposure!

Engineering TV, a new online video program for engineers by engineers brought to you by Penton Media's Design Engineering and Electronics OEM magazines. Twice a week, each 5-8 minute episode shows cutting-edge technology in action and looks behind the scenes as today's engineers shape tomorrow's breakthroughs.

Visit for an introduction


We love this video. Have you ever spilled soda or Red Bull on your keyboard and wondered what do you do next? You don't want to blow up your computer? Check out this Geek Squad video on how to clean your keyboard - in the dishwasher!

Video on YouTube doesn't always amuse - sometimes it educates and helps sell. Check out the video buying guide on Tankless Water Heaters, their variations, uses, and the selection process. Yes, it is a tank-less job, but someone has got to do it.

Above the Lip - There are good surfers, there are great surfers, and then there are dudes who can do things with a surfboard that defy the basic laws of physics.

Winky - A hitchhiker gets the ride of a lifetime from a shamanic slacker and his whiskey-soaked goldfish. Crafty camera work and an opiate-infused soundtrack round out this road trip into another dimension


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