Saturday, January 27, 2007

Great new videos!

Have you experienced the "Will It Blend" viral video phenomenon? It started as a joke but now it it is getting tons of attention. Here is Golf Club - Will It Blend? Here is the collection of Will It Blend videos from the source - BlendTec. Here is a cool related news item - Extreme Blending Whirls Orem Business into National Spotlight


We love this video. Have you ever spilled soda or Red Bull on your keyboard and wondered what do you do next? You don't want to blow up your computer? Check out this Geek Squad video on how to clean your keyboard - in the dishwasher!

more videos and video web sites at


Ready for a little retro psychodelia? Check out this Rolling Stone Magazine video The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows / Within You Without You


The Sundance Film Festival is happening now - here is the YouTube coverage with an exclusive video blog each day that captures the Festival experience through the eyes of independent filmmakers Arin Crumley and Susan Buice.

Here is the direct link to the Sundance Festival - you can watch films, blogs, news and great tidbits for the cinematically enhanced.


The Mouth Revolution is a hilarious and very well made live-action film that parodies history and contemporary culture while informing viewers about the vital importance of eating real, organic foods. Narrated by revolutionary mouths who take it upon themselves to decide what they will and will not eat, personalities like “Sojourner Tooth” and “Captain Mouth” unveil their "Mouthifesto" -- a Declaration of Indigestion that details their objectives and demands: No Trans Fats, No GMOs, No Pesticides, and No Artificial Ingredients. more


This is sort of cool - it has a great tease - you try to guess what it is all about.

Hot Sexy Webcam Girl

Is it porn? Is it really amateur video? Or is it a brilliantly conceived promotion?

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