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Best new Internet videos and films

This is quite interesting. What happens when you do a music mash-up between some of the world's most classic rock and roll tunes and a classic film like The Wizard of Oz? Check it out here Video Mashup: Dark Side of Oz

What did you do on April Fools Day? Did you plan and pull a prank on your friends and/or loved ones? Check out this semi-documentary of a Aprils Fools Prank gone bad. April Fools - Failed Pranksters
When you have a great concept and create a popular viral video - one would expect that there would be a lot of video left on the cutting room floor. Matt Harding, the kid who went all over the world and did a little dance has released this video of outtakes and deleted scenes from his trip.
You have heard of speed racing and speed dating - now there is Bruce Lee Speed Painting. This guy creates a wall sized mural of Bruce Lee using only his hands and karate chop motions. Instant art with a martial arts floruish. But is it art?


Many commercial sites are learning to leverage the power of the Internet and "viral" videos to promote their messages and SELL product. Some are a bit heavy handed and obvious. Check out these four short and funny films from Bic - two are really good. Stubble Trouble and The Lab made our insides hurt. In a good way...



This is a great example of how to use viral video to promote your business or product. In this case a book - the "Average American Male" these three short funny films demonstrate what men are really thinking about during sex and related relationship episodes.

American Male 1
American Male 2
American Male 3


Do you believe in Reality TV? Do you think that any of what you are seeing is real? In that case, you need to watch this funny and subtly educational video about the secrets of Reality TV and editing. Its quite good - especially if you appreciate the British humor thing. Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe - Reality TV Editing


Pirelli Tires - Yes it is just a long commercial but it features great editing, an extremely fast and sexy Lamborghini sports car, gratuitous violence and a beautiful blond - Uma Thurman. Watch Mission Zero. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow. If you haven't seen it, watch it now.


Did you survive March Madness?

Take some online live basketball footage and cut in your own creative comments and plots - and you have one of the top picks from iFilm this week - "This is Why Duke Sucks"

warning - mature language and cussing....


"Dead Wrong" is the funny story of how a happy, but mistake-prone intern for Death makes a house call. Written, Edited and Directed by Craig Kuehne. Hosted at the YouAreTV site. There are not a lot of films here yet but we really like their interface and the video player. Extremely cool


Are you into technology or IT? David Ramel of ComputerWorld Magazine has gathered together 10 of what he considers the funniest tech videos on YouTube. Some are pretty good. But it helps to be a bit nerdy and in the industry to really get the joke...

This includes funny videos about Tech help desks and call centers, the new Apple iPHone, mischief at Trade shows, cubicle rage and adult computer interactions and pranks.


This is extremely interesting - Have you yet checked out Steven Bochco's Cafe Confidential - where people spill their guts and their biggest secrets on video? Check it out. You can win contests and cash. (this is real interesting as we pitched a show just like this about 20 years to various TV syndication houses and producers, but it never got picked up - so it goes) Just goes to prove that good ideas eventually hatch and blossom


If you are a film maker interested in how to use the web to promote your productions and projects, check out this cool site. The guys at BullCrank have some good ideas you might want to "borrow." Plus they do have some cool original content we are sure you will enjoy watching. So crank it up....


Interested in telecom, technology and television? Check out one of the best sites on the web for news and views that concern this convergence of technologies. TelecomTV - desktop TV for the global ICT professional. Here is a direct link to their streaming video page.


This new site is targeted to those who think they are not quite nerdy enough or are new to the virtues of technology. Hence their site name - Neo-Fight - (neophyte). A bit erudite if we say so. Anyhow, they offer streaming shows that explain the latest got to have products for those living in our modern world. Check them out

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