Sunday, July 08, 2007

Best Internet Videos - Funny Video

Best Videos of the Week

Are you tired of boring How to Videos that laboriously walk you through the steps of how to do some kind of technical and creative process? If so, you should appreciate this series of how to tapes - blending humor with a little gratuitous sex, the French Maid series of films educate while entertaining. Yes, they are basically infomercials - but what the heck, we all need a good laugh now and then. Sexy French Maid TV - How To Share Photos

Visit them at home -

This is a brilliant concept - the French Maids are available to pitch your product on the web.


Are you paranoid? Do you think that governments are using the fear of terror and terrorist activities to intrude too much in our lives? Is Big Brother truly here now? This is a very interesting animated video...
Agree or disagree - it will make you think and maybe argue a bit...
Big Brother State - Director: David Scharf
Producer: David Scharf
Writer: David Scharf
Narrator: Stephen Taylor
Honors - Semi-Finalist, Adobe Design Achievement Awards
also at

thousands more great videos at Internet Video Magazine


Play Las RamblasWhen a guy returns from his trip to Spain, it takes him less than 30 seconds to annoy the hell out of his friend. If you've ever known someone who returned from a foreign country and pretended to be an instant authority on all things international, then this is the short for you.

More Videos from Killing My Lobster films


This is really goofy

King Solomon and Giggles - My Entourage Gives You the Back Massage While Wearing Camouflage (Up In the Garage)King Solomon and Giggles - My Entourage Gives You the Back Massage While Wearing Camouflage (Up In the Garage) - This is a hilarious song laden with hot beats and tight rhymes. The video bursts at the seams with choreographed dances, hot chicks, and of course, camouflage and massages.


Are you ready to buy - stuff? Is it truly our destiny to shop. Check out "Experience Everydayland" by musician, film maker and performance artist Chris Carneal. He has his own channel at VMIX and has a bunch of other very cool videos to experience. Some are strange - some are odd - some are thought provoking.

The Second Coming of ScienceThe Second Coming of Science is also a very cool, inspirational mini-commercial that blends science and religion.


Do you need more energy, more get up and go - MORE POWER!!!!! Check out this parody commercial for


You can harness the power of 400 babies. You can have Gratuitous amounts of ENERGY!


Speaking of Voyeurs, you should check out this cute and funny short video - with an overblown, French romantic prose voice-over- this is a blast. Plus the actress is beautiful...We would write her an ode as well


The Dramatic Prairie Dog StoryThe dramatic prairie dog has taken the Internet by storm, and, as these things go, now the original is getting spoofed. AOL Video has tracked down some of the best - watch dramatic prairie dog videos


You can help save the planet and have a good time as well. Check out this one-minute clip "Postcard from Chicago" - The "Cool Globes" public art exhibit along Chicago's lakefront is really quite nice, with a compelling global warming story.


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