Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great New Videos and Internet Video WebSites

Here are two great award winning films to check out -

An Imaginary Life. What happens to an imaginary friend when a kid grows up? Where do they go? How do they handle the trauma of being abandoned. Funny, cure and poignant. This well made animated film won first place at the Sony 2007 Tropfest.

Road Rage - this was the second place winner at the Sony 2007 Tropfest. This is a great story about what happens when two motorists collide in a near traffic accident. If you live in traffic, you will appreciate this.

Check out this video to see “How to” make a winning video for the Tropfest/Tribeca film contest..


Gwen Stefani Director Makes Funky Video About Global Warming “Sunny Day,” is by Sophie Muller, who’s best known for her work with Gwen Stefani, Annie Lennox and Garbage; it features one really happening dryer speaking out against climate change.

How come the world doesn't add up? Check out this cool Cool Multiplication technique for Large Numbers

This is a simple method to work out complex multiplications with a simple grid pattern on paper. It works remarkably well.


Loco Loco Mosquito191 sec

Loco Loco Mosquito - this is a lot of fun -

Produced for Syndicate Productions / Mediaagency. Based in the T.V. Series Don't bother me mosquito.


Standups in Love - Gail’s standup comedy set is going great…until her new boyfriend Chris discovers his penis is the butt of her jokes.


Check out Slate V's series on the worst cinematic crap that's ever been made. In this episode, Mark Jordan Legan presents Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters, a scary kiddie flick from 1965. This is so bad, its good....


Do you like music videos? Check out the EyeBlab site - they have lots of very interesting and esoteric videos that you probably won't see anywhere else. They offer lots of channels for different types of music videos... Plus you can create your channel of favorites.


Slate V launches - now its on video

For more than 11 years, has brought you news, analysis, and opinion with a distinctive, irreverent voice. They call it Slatey-ness, which is one of those amorphous qualities best defined as "you know it when you see it."

The new Slate V is an online video magazine where you can see Slatey-ness, quite literally. Every weekday, they will posting new video, much of it produced exclusively for Slate V. Some segments will be familiar to regular readers; others will be brand-new. They'll cover politics, the arts, science, business, and anything else that seems ripe for the Slate V treatment. They also have a section called
Did You See This?, where you'll find their picks for the best sh
ort videos from around the Web.


The Gary Wendall Show is a well produced a video blog that follows the hilarious adventures of an unemployed man from Vermont who always wanted to be a Hollywood star. Now that he was fired from his dead-end job, he has the time and the freedom to pursue his dream and will do everything he can to "get noticed" and broadcast it all on his video blog. New episodes are posted on Tuesdays and Fridays through the summer.


TrueTube is a new video hosting and community site for teens and adults who want to share their opinions - They have lots of interesting and provocative videos, produced by Broadcast producers from varied backgrounds, MTV, Documentary etc. The idea is to encourage young people to engage and think, but there is plenty of info on the site. more


This is great. Great commercials! The Mike's Hard Lemonade site - yes, you need to be 21 to access the site. In addition to the very cool and very unique interactive web site design, there are some hilarious commercials found on the TV set in the "TV Lounge" room. This site is a blast and a lot of fun even if you think hard lemonade is for wussies...


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