Sunday, July 29, 2007

Best New Internet Videos - Best Internet Movies and Funny Videos

New and Best Internet Videos

People create songs and music videos to celebrate all kinds of topics - love, fate, destiny, global warming. But sometimes you got to delve a little deeper into what is really important. Video Games. Check out this cool little animated music ditty about the Sony Playstation PS3. Its the PS3 Song -
"It Sucked and I'll Tell You Why"



BEST Video Web Sites of the Week

Best Internet Music Videos


This little 3 minute fake public service announcement is great. Center for Downward Mobility. How will the US compete in the world? Here is the solution for the outsourcing dilemma that faces the American worker.

Here is a funny twist on the Hit Men theme -this is BRILLIANT and funny. You got to see this.


Breaking up is hard to do - it is not easy walking away and becoming independent and making your own way. TO C.C With Love - by Kathy O'Neill - Description: A girl must bid farewell to her true love... Hosted at Atom Films

More from Atom Films - Hey, ladies! Can't fit into those tight designer jeans because of your chicken legs? No problem. Chicken Leg Jeans are for you! This is a great little sketch bit about how to deal with this classic dilemma.


Are you a sports nut? Do you want to make your own sports documentary? Mash together some sports video, "borrow" news footage, still images and maybe even add your own videos and stills.

Check out


Stuff for Sale (old, used and demos) Video hardware, books and software

Get a Great Deal on Camcorders and Electronics from B&H Photo Video

videoCoffee Sport Drink! by TROOP! - Official Sketch Comedy - what do you need to get started in the morning and keep ya going all day? - check out this funny and goofy parody commercial by the Troop Comedy Team
videoMore from Troop - This is kinda fun - not very sophisticated but a blast to watch, Can you cure the Bug Problem!


Bathroom News

This is sort of subtle. Four sassy babes primp for a big night out, painting toenails, applying mascara and sharing discourse on geopolitical current events.


This is pretty wild and crazy. Sort of a poetic documentary. "Knives in My Throat: The Year I Survived While My Mind Tried to Kill Me" follows a turbulent year in the life of 25-year-old hip-hop poet Taqiyya as she tries to "make it" in New York's Hollywood. This collage-style experimental movie blends intimate video diaries, startling interviews, dramatic verite, animation and compelling performance. Great editing and cinematography.


Here are two great award winning films to check out -

An Imaginary Life. What happens to an imaginary friend when a kid grows up? Where do they go? How do they handle the trauma of being abandoned. Funny, cure and poignant. This well made animated film won first place at the Sony 2007 Tropfest.

Road Rage - this was the second place winner at the Sony 2007 Tropfest. This is a great story about what happens when two motorists collide in a near traffic accident. If you live in traffic, you will appreciate this.

Check out this video to see “How to” make a winning video for the Tropfest/Tribeca film contest..


What do you do when love and romance just don't work out? Girl in Red - Check out this short 6 minute dramatic film directed and written by Ron Small. Be careful what you ask for. BTW - watch the whole thing as it has a great ending. This is an Official Selection for the current Online Short Film Festival

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